Cheers big ears! Forget Easter egg hunts, we’ve found a boozy beer pack for adults this Easter 2023!

Between chocolate, egg hunts and parades, Easter is usually a time for the kids. But this year, our friends over at Beer Cartel have created the ultimate treat for Easter 2023 celebrations.

Meet their Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack ($74.99). In a nutshell, it’s a boozy beer eight-pack that’s perfect for an adults only Easter “egg” hunt.

An annual release by the Sydney-based legends at Beer Cartel, the Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack was designed for beer lovers to relive the excitement of their youth come the Easter long weekend.

So, how do you throw an Easter beer hunt? Firstly, you’ll want to order one of Beer Cartel’s Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack’s which will then be delivered straight to your door or, you can pick-up the pack from their St Leonards warehouse. Next, after rounding up a few mates, have someone who is not playing hide the beers – you’ll need one pack per person playing. Then, once the beers are hidden, using the Beer Cartel box, each person must find the eight unique beers!

Inside of the Great Australian Easter Beer Hunt Pack players will find eight limited-edition Easter themed beers from some of Australia’s top breweries including Mountain Culture, Garage Project and Dainton Beer. You’ll also score tasting notes for each brew as well as a game card.

With a mix of beer styles, you’ll soon be cracking open stouts, pale ales, hazy IPAs and more. Plus, Beer Cartel is also running a competition for the best hiding spots for their Australian Easter beer hunt. Share a photo on socials to win a prize!

Inspired by our childhood memories of running around and collecting hidden chocolate eggs, this Easter egg hunt for adults is the perfect way to kickstart any Easter long weekend 2023 festivities. More information via Beer Cartel’s website.

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