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The 10 Best Australian Made Beers for Autumn 2022

Beer. Photographed by Evan Dvorkin. Image via Unsplash.

Sip through the season with these 10 must-try Australian made beers for autumn 2022!

The perfect accompaniment to a group of best mates is beer. Whether it’s your standard lager, something hazier than a politician’s banter, or a sour brew that is sure to pinch those cheeks. Whatever beer you choose, it will add spirit to otherwise standard conversations.

And, to help your brewing decision, we’ve sourced the best beers from across Australia for autumn 2022. And thanks to our mates at BoozeBud, you can get them delivered right to your door with just a few clicks!

So celebrate the season with the 10 best Australian made beers for autumn 2022!

<strong>Young Henrys</strong> 'Sun Is Shining' Watermelon & Mandarin Sour
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Young Henrys 'Sun Is Shining' Watermelon & Mandarin Sour

Even if the sun isn’t shining, this craft beer will make it seem so. The Young Henrys ‘Sun Is Shining’ Watermelon & Mandarin Sour uses the groundbreaking new Philly Sour yeast strain matched with locally sourced fruit, resulting in a ray of sunshine in each can. Peppered with subtle hits of Sabro hops and packed with bucket loads of flavour, this brew is instantly refreshing, with a splash of aromatic overtones for a crisp finish.

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<strong>Dainton Brewery</strong> Overdrive West Coast IPA
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Dainton Brewery Overdrive West Coast IPA

Make your next party a little more bolder with this punchy beer! Made by co-founder Dan Dainton, who began brewing in his Melbourne home, the Dainton Brewery Overdrive West Coast IPA sits at a hearty 7% ABV, and hits with plenty of orange and piney characters. Expect a waft of bitterness as the lip touches yours – which, as noted, should send your taste buds into overdrive.

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<strong>Cascade</strong> Pale Ale

Cascade Pale Ale

Cascade Brewery is best known for their Premium Light beer – a staple in many bars and pubs. But their Cascade Pale Ale is the oldest, continually brewed beer in all of Australia, let alone in Tasmania where Cascade Brewery resides. Hopped with Pride of Ringwood hops, it has a fragrant hoppy nose with a fine malt note in the mid-palate and a firm bitter finish. Perfect for after-work chills, surrounded by mates or colleagues – nonetheless the best Australian made beer for autumn 2022.

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<strong>Brick Lane Brewing Co</strong> Sidewinder Hazy
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Brick Lane Brewing Co Sidewinder Hazy

Voted at #75 in the GABS Hottest 100 Aussie Craft Beers for 2021, the Brick Lane Brewing Co Sidewinder Hazy is a tropical burst of what summer is supposed to feel like regardless of the season. And at only 1.1% ABV, that’s a great achievement! Not to mention a designated driver’s delight. Inside each can is three different malts and rolled oats, along with Mosiac, Centennial and Citra hops. With a golden hazy colour, it’s like a sunset on the beach.

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<strong>Bad Shepherd Brewing Co</strong> Peanut Butter Porter
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Bad Shepherd Brewing Co Peanut Butter Porter

It sounds like a tongue twister, but the taste is anything but. Inspired by the love of Buckeye Candy (those peanut butter fudge balls dipped in chocolate), the Bad Shepherd Brewing Co Peanut Butter Porter tastes exactly as it sounds: a luscious porter brewed with chocolate malt, chocolate wheat and hazelnuts finished in a creamy, full-bodied beer. Despite the name, this beer doesn’t contain peanuts, just peanut flavour with hazelnuts and lactose.

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<strong>Stockade Brew Co</strong> Refreshing Ale
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Stockade Brew Co Refreshing Ale

Meet the newest family member of the Stockade Brew Co – a light, well-balanced, highly sessionable summer ale. Launched in late 2019, the Stockade Brew’s Refreshing Ale combines premium Australian hops and malt to deliver a perfectly balanced fermented ale. Expect hints of passionfruit notes on a crisp, biscuity malt finish. Get a pack today via Boozebud in the link below! One of our top picks of the best Australian made beers for autumn 2022.

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<strong>Byron Bay Brewery</strong> Premium Lager
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Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager

Sometimes you just want a beer that’s just a beer. You don’t care for fancy hipster terms, weird concoctions, or where it sits on GABS Hottest 100. You just want beer! And here’s a fresh one just for you. The Byron Bay Brewery Premium Lager is a quintessential beer that is sure to satisfy any standard pub reveller. It’s full-bodied, crisp, and absolutely refreshing to the last drop.

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<strong>Pirate Life Brewing</strong> Throwback IPA
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Pirate Life Brewing Throwback IPA

Finally! A mid-strength IPA that doesn’t drown in poor flavour! The Pirate Life Brewing Throwback IPA is a very sessionable Indian Pale Ale, teeming with malt and hops, offering notes of citrus, pine and ‘an underlying sappy, resinous quality.’ It is as delicious as those relaxing vibes after a long, tedious day at work, and it’s perfect for designated drivers who want something punchy, or those who want to last all night.

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<strong>Hope Brewery</strong> Sunny Boy 2.0 Pine Lime Super Sour
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Hope Brewery Sunny Boy 2.0 Pine Lime Super Sour

Hunter Valley may be well-known for their delectable wines, but they also brew some truly delicious beers. Take the Hope Brewery Sunny Boy 2.0 Pine Lime Super Sour, for example. It’s ridiculously juicy, featuring notes of pineapple and lime citrus, and then soured during the brewing process to create a tarty treat. Pinch those cheeks after a hard day’s work with this wonderful spinoff of a classic Aussie treat.

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<strong>Big Shed Brewing Co</strong> Golden Stout Time
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Big Shed Brewing Co Golden Stout Time

Hunter Valley has their own brewery, and the same can be said for Barossa Valley where the Big Shed Brewery Co launched. Once it grew too large, they relocated to Adelaide where the crew brew plenty of crafty concoctions. Like their Golden Stout Time, a tasty nod to Golden Gaytimes. Expect a hearty stout infused with toffee and honeycomb. After the first sip, you’ll be transported to a long-forgotten summer in your childhood.

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Feature image: Photographed by Evan Dvorkin. Image via Unsplash.
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