It’s true, anything is possible in 2020, including a savoury Christmas feast-inspired series of KitKat bars. 

Chocolate lovers are in for an unexpected treat this Christmas as KitKat unveils the KitKat Chocolatory Christmas Feast, bringing together the flavours of a traditional Aussie Christmas dinner – in chocolate-formed KitKat bars.

Turning fantasy into a reality, the limited-edition Christmas Feast will Fill Your Break with Wonder, delighting fans and offering the perfect gift this festive season. 

The KitKat Chocolatory Christmas Feast features four single finger KitKat creations designed by Australia’s KitKat Chocolatory head chocolatier, Connie Yuen.

KitKat’s Christmas 2020 release. Full range. Image supplied

The Prosciutto, Melon and Champagne appetiser kicks off the feast. Discover a delicate balance of French champagne, fragrant melon and crispy salty prosciutto, paired with creamy white chocolate and crisp batch baked wafers.

Australian Baked Ham with delectable Orange and Clove Glaze delivers a main course of spiced citrus and baked ham, nestled inside smooth milk chocolate and KitKat’s iconic wafers.

A side dish with a twist, Honey Glazed Carrots features carefully dried carrots & honey glaze with smooth milk chocolate and crisp wafers.

The unconventional feast ends with a Christmas Pudding with Brandy Custard dessert. Smooth milk chocolate, crisp wafer, plump currants and spiced milk ganache, finished off with a brandy custard drizzle.

Yuen said, “A hub of innovation, the KitKat Chocolatoryis always looking for ways to create memorable experience for our fans.

“We love experimenting with unexpected flavours, and this year we wanted to reimagine a traditional Christmas Dinner. We’re excited to have turned fantasy into a reality by creating the four-course KitKat Christmas Feast that we are sure will Fill Your Break with Wonder.”

It turns out that this year you really can have chocolate for dinner. The KitKat Chocolatory Christmas Feast (RRP $25.00) will be available to buy exclusively from the KitKat Chocolatory boutiques in Mid City Sydney and Melbourne Central, and online via KitKat’s website with delivery nationwide.

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