Sydney, stop everything… Nestlé’s newest chocolate boutique is here!

Just when you thought that you’d give yourself a break from chocolate – creators of one of the most insanely addictive wafered chocolates out there, Nestlé, have announced the opening of their first-ever chocolate boutique in the heart of Sydney’s CBD.

So, without further ado, Sydneysiders, give a warm welcome to the Sydney KitKat Chocolatory – the ultimate break time saviour and go-to for your next chocolate-covered fantasies. Because if you want a break, you have a KitKat. It’s that simple.

Opening their doors to the public on Monday 06 July – conveniently the day before World Chocolate Day (07 July) – the Sydney KitKat Chocolatory will offer a range of exclusive premium chocolate experiences and the opportunity to eat your way through some unique and personalised creations at the flagship store.

Following the success of the Melbourne boutique, the Sydney boutique will revolutionise the way you taste a KitKat – in a way that you may have never even imagined before.

Here, guests will be able to eat their way through four hands-on stations: the Create Your Break that gives guests the chance to design their own eight-finger KitKat with up to 30,000 possible creations; the KitKat Tasting Table which allows 10 guests to explore a carefully crafted selection of plated KitKat desserts over 90-minute seatings; the KitKat Chocolate Train which is perfect for trying a range of luscious KitKat selections including Yuzu Ganache, Wasabi Crème and Peanut Butter & Raspberry; and finally, the Mix Your Break station which allows guests to select from a variety of delicious and exclusive flavours to purchase including Cotton Candy, Guava, Churros, Sake and more.

Nestlé’s general manager of confectionery, Chris O’Donnell said that the KitKat Chocolatory MidCity Sydney would build on the success of the Melbourne boutique, offering additional premium KitKat experiences.

“We are looking forward to offering Sydneysiders a KitKat Chocolatory experience that allows them to explore their creativity and discover amazing chocolate combinations, handcrafted by our incredibly talented chocolatiers,” Mr O’Donnell said.

And, if you’d rather purchase a sweet treat for a special someone instead, guests can purchase a range of gifts directly from the KitKat Chocolatory boutique or online. Here, you’ll be able to pick out flavours from some of KitKat’s special editions including the Aussie Lamington, and you’ll even be able to have first-hand access to the KitKat Chocolatory Sublime – flavours direct from the Japan-based KitKat Chocolatories.

Head Chocolatier at the Sydney KitKat Chocolatory, Connie Yuen, said, “a great deal of passion goes into the creation of every bar at the KitKat Chocolatory, and we look forward to greeting new guests as they discover a break like never before.”

So, if you’re looking for the next chocolate-laden playground filled with some of your wildest chocolate dreams, then the Sydney KitKat Chocolatory is waiting for you.

Face-stuffing is advised.

KitKat Chocolatory Boutique
Ground Floor, MidCity
197 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
For more information visit KitKat

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