Australia, it’s time for wine!

If like us, you’re keen to make the most of the winter season, and indulge in all the warming concoctions you can. So, to keep the inspiration coming, we’ve partnered with Australia’s favourite alcohol supplier, BWS, to find the ultimate winter warmer cocktail, thanks to BWS Insider Ricky Young.

You cannot go wrong with this traditional favourite: Mulled Wine.

Foolproof and incredibly delicious, this easy at home Mulled Wine recipe will have you brewing up your newest favourite winter warmer staple in no time!

Difficulty: Easy | Servings: 5


1x (750mL) bottle of dry red wine (we’d recommend the Krondorf Winemakers Barossa Shiraz)
2x sticks of cinnamon
2x star anise
4x cloves
250g caster sugar
The juice of an orange
Orange rind, finely grated
Apple and/or orange slices for garnishing


1. Using a large non-stick pan on medium-low heat, gently simmer the orange juice, rind and sugar until a caramel forms.

2. Next, add the wine and spices and continue to simmer, ensuring that the mixture does not boil.

3. After 10 minutes, place your wine mixture inside of a slow cooker and simmer on the lowest setting for about an hour. If you do not own a slow cooker, leave the wine on your stove top, reducing the heat to low. Cover and let the wine simmer (from 15 minutes up to three hours).

4. Finally, strain and serve warm with your desired garnishes in a heat proof mug. Enjoy!

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