Think of it as an Australian summer party… but in your mouth.

We’ve got 100s and 1000s of examples of what went wrong this year – from ravaging bushfires to an unpreceded global pandemic, complete with a toilet paper outage and, most sadly, the end of much-loved and memorable Australian summer BBQ parties thanks to social distancing.

But, yet again, Darrell Lea proves that some things have actually gone deliciously right this year.

After eliminating palm oil from all of its products and unveiling four sensationally addictive chocolate treats (we’re looking at you Bondi Block and Sundae Sesh); Darrell Lea has made 2020 that little bit more bearable with the announcement of its three-part Aussie Summer Party Range.

Paying tribute to the citrus-infused flavours of summer, and not to mention grand final season fast approaching, the Halftime Orange is more than just a perfectly cut orange quarter. Using refreshing orange jellies and salted pretzels, this block is sure to kick goals during lockdown with its final smothering of dark chocolate.

Or, for a classic party starter, the Fairy Block is spread with Australian summer party goodness thanks to its explosion of 100s and 1000s, soft mini marshmallows and of course, creamy milk chocolate to hold it all together – a simple combo of crunchy and soft that we all love.

Better yet,  you can feel good all while stuffing your face thanks to Darrell Lea’s commitment to palm oil-free chocolate and only using 100% sustainably sourced cocoa.  Just remember to wait 30-minutes before you jump in the pool!

The Blackcurrant Pastilles Bites are exclusive to Coles (RRP $4.40). Otherwise, head over to Woolworths for the Halftime Orange and Fairy Block (RRP $5.00 each).