There’s enough guilt to stop anyone from picking up a sweet block of chocolate. 

But, usually, that guilt is waistline-related.

However, cocoa sustainability, human and environmental welfare should all come into play when we’re choosing our indulgent chocolatey-bliss. That sensationally sweet moment on the lips, but a lifetime on your hips, can also lead to a lifetime of harm for the world with consequences like deforestation.

So when Aussie chocolate favourite, Darrell Lea, announced its move to 100% palm oil-free (which was two years in the making), we thought it was cause for celebration! Especially since the iconic brand already used 100% sustainably sourced cocoa and pays a premium for the cocoa used to ensure farmers earn more money to provide for their families and invest in their communities.

What a bunch of Aussie legends.

And to truly celebrate, Darrell Lea has released not one, but FOUR chocolate treats; Chocolate Raspberry Balls ($4.40 RRP), Chocolate Liquorice Balls ($4.40 RRP) and two new jam-packed milk chocolate blocks, the Bondi Block ($5 RRP) and Sundae Sesh ($5 RRP).

We’re calling it, Darrell Lea has a new absolute choccy hero, even better than our much-loved rocky road, the Bondi Block. Filled with waves of crispy cornflakes, crunchy peanuts and salted caramel chips, this block ticks every single box. Crunch – yep. Saltiness – you bet. Pure heaven which is somewhat reminiscent of a honey joy meets chocolate crackle – weirdly yes.

The Sundae Sesh too is well worth the try, especially if you’re a true sweet-lover. Loaded with strawberry candies, marshmallow and thin crispy wafer, the block redefines a regular ‘Sunday Sesh’, especially thanks to COVID-19. No more drinks by the water, instead a comfy afternoon in, on the lounge sinking into a milk chocolate block with hints of an old’ school sundae.

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