Aussies love when two legends come together, even more so when in confectionary form.

And now it’s official, Allen’s iconic Milk Bottles (the ones that have been around since the 70s) have a new OAK-inspired taste.

The new Milk Bottles come in two OAK-inspired packs. The first is inspired by OAK classic flavours, including creamy Chocolate, sweet Strawberry and delicious Vanilla Malt. The second is set to be a favourite amongst Australian coffee lovers, featuring only coffee flavoured Milk Bottles inspired by OAK Iced Coffee.

Allen’s OAK-inspired Milk Bottles mixed bag (RRP $2.99) is available now in the confectionary aisle nationwide at Coles, Woolworths and independents. The Allen’s OAK-inspired Iced Coffee bag (RRP $2.99) is available at Coles and independents only.

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