Biscuit or cookie – whatever you call it this Australian baker will make you say ‘oh crumbs!’

Have you ever dreamed of eating your own face? No? Really? Well, even if you haven’t, in a world where anything is possible, now you can, thanks to this delicious Melbourne baker who creates bespoke biscuits to amaze your eyes and your taste buds.

Introducing The Confectionist, the local Aussie business which is helping you face the world of baking in a whole new way.

This Victorian Willy Wonka offers a range of incredible iced biscuit products, from flower bouquet collections to edible make-up kits, celebrity look-alikes, and, of course, their bespoke face portraits. With the nod of approval from Australian baking aficionados including Katherine Sabbath, Adriano Zumbo and Anna Polyviou, this is the new sweet treat making waves.

The origins of the The Confectionist biscuits were mixed from a love of baking and an inspirational year of travel for founder Georgia.

“I began working in the baking industry at 18 – throughout high school I’d bake for the girls, bringing in cheesecakes, cupcakes, choc chip cookies etc, just for fun. Then, when school finished, I did the same thing for my uni friends.”

When she decided to go travelling with her partner, Georgia’s passion for baking reached a new level, “We lived in London for a year, where I worked in an amazing biscuit shop, teaching biscuit decorating classes to the ‘upper class’ including the Beckham family! Our travels then continued around Europe, the US and South America where I was inspired by artwork and packaging.”

Jay Z and Beyonce by The Confectionist.

Jay Z and Beyonce by The Confectionist. Image Supplied.

On returning to Melbourne, The Confectionist was born, and Georgia set about honing her biscuit decorating skills. “The first product I made was a Face Biscuit of my Dad. It was terrible! He still has the two year old biscuit wrapped in glad wrap in his pantry.”

The team is now five-strong, and each member works hard to create and send each and every biscuit by hand, using a base of vanilla butter or chocolate biscuits (plus some delicious Christmas-inspired flavours when the season hits) and then rolling, cutting, baking and of course, hand piping each design. As you can imagine, the decorating takes a LONG time.

“I have made and designed everything The Confectionist offers – from the design of the biscuits, to 3D printing the cookie cutters, to drawing and designing the biscuit tins.” Georgia explains, “It’s hard to pinpoint a time frame for the biscuit process, but I can say a single Face Biscuit takes roughly 40 minutes from start to finish.”

And that’s not even considering some of the hilarious, amusing and downright bizarre requests they get sent.

“One customer asked for a Face Biscuit that was half her face, and half her partner’s face! The result was great and the customer loved it! But also a bit creepy…”

The Face Biscuits are The Confectionist’s best-selling product, and you can only imagine why – they sit at a whopping 20-centimetres in length. Although The Confectionist is based in Melbourne, they offer Australian-wide and international shipping options. Thankfully, each creation is packaged in biscuit tins – both to protect them through the shipping process and to help keep them fresh for up to five months from bake date!

Although like many small businesses right now, The Confectionist has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re still dreaming big.

“Aside from some crazy new products and tin designs, we are striving to expand our kitchen. Once COVID-19 settles, we cannot wait to introduce biscuit decorating classes and experiences.”

“We source our ingredients, tools and equipment from local Aussie businesses also. So when our customer’s purchase from us, they aren’t just supporting The Confectionist, but they are supporting other local Aussie businesses without even realising!”

You can learn more about The Confectionist, and even buy your own edible face (or the face of someone you love) via their website or follow them on Instagram.