Australia, you’re going to want a piece of this…

For us Aussies, there are only a few things that are truly deemed delicacies and must-tries. Some of these notable creations include Vegemite, fairy bread, meat pies doused in tomato sauce and, not to forget, the almighty Woolworths Mudcake – the epitome of Australian birthday parties, get-togethers and those nights at home when all you want to do is dive face deep into a dense cake – Bruce Bogtrotter style.

But, we have some breaking news. Something that will ultimately change the course of 2020, which we can all admit, hasn’t been going so great so far… Woolworths, or Woolies to the experts, has today announced the arrival of their newest and limited-edition special: Cookies & Cream Mudcake.

That’s right. A Cookies & Cream Mudcake. Available now, nationwide for an easy $4.80.

So what can you expect? Slicing, spooning or even face planting into this masterpiece, you will first be greeted by a layer of cookie crumb sprinkled upon an irresistible white chocolate ganache. But that’s not all, as cake fans tuck in, they will be delighted by the masterful mix of cookie pieces tossed throughout the dense cake. Woolworths’ head of bakery, Andy Thomas, said, “Our mudcakes are a long time favourite with our customers, so we love being able to introduce new flavours to the range for them to enjoy.

 “We had a lot of fun developing the new limited edition Cookies & Cream Mudcake and, if the success of our previous limited-edition flavours (mint chocolate and chocolate orange) is anything to go by, our latest creation will be flying off the shelves in no time!”

All we can say is, whoever developed this game-changing idea needs to go down as the saviour of 2020. To you, we say thank you.

So stop everything you’re doing, chuck on a pair of pants and head on over to your nearest Woolworths store, as this bad boy is only available for a limited time and while stocks last. Enjoy it with your family, friends or even by yourself – we’re not judging!