Australia, now you can treat you and your loo to a sustainable subscription!

We are quite literally flushing away Earth’s trees – the same trees that suck away all that carbon dioxide in the air. In fact, it’s estimated that 27,000 trees are wiped out daily just for our backsides. And, yes, it isn’t sustainable. But, the kings of the bathroom’s throne, How We Roll, Australia’s freshest toilet paper brand, are aiming to combat that – and their secret is all thanks to the wonders of bamboo!

“You may not know this, but bamboo is like the wolverine of the plant community,” said How We Roll’s Founder, Georgia Wright. “It can regenerate completely in just six months!

“It thrives in stressed and remote areas where other crops may not, and does not need vast areas of land cleared to flourish. This means that not only is it super soft and strong, but also the sustainable option for you and your loo!”

But their sustainability efforts gets even better! As well as being an environmentally friendly product, the guys behind How We Roll have also partnered with One Tree Planted. Which means that for every loo roll you buy, you can feel flushed with pride knowing that a tree will be planted thanks to your purchase. And, according to How We Roll, those trees are planted in those bushfire-affected regions across Australia.

So far, One Tree Planted has sowed over 15,000,000 trees, with much of it being thanks to How We Roll!

But what is really heartwarming is how this business managed to launch and solidify their toilet paper brand during the middle of a pandemic.

“We felt there was an opportunity to create an e-comm store which focuses on sustainable everyday alternatives using a subscription-based model – making it easier for consumers to opt for an eco-friendly product,” said Wright.

“When COVID-19 hit, our roll-out plan (pun not intended) changed quite dramatically, so we decided to focus on a smaller product roll out than anticipated. However, we learnt how to adapt and launched How We Roll Co. as an eco-convenience store that sells sustainable toilet paper, paper towel, bin liners, tissues and compostable doggy bags.

“We are [also] launching two really exciting new products in the next few months that we can’t wait to share! Along with this, we plan on expanding our range so ‘How We Roll Co.’ is an eco-destination for all your lifestyle and household needs with the convenience of being delivered to your door as many times a year as you wish!”

For more information and to subscribe to their toilet paper roll-outs, visit How We Roll’s website.

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