From non-alcoholic wine, beer and spirits – Craftzero is Australia’s one-stop-shop for booze-free drinks.

There’s no denying that Australia’s low-alcohol and non-alcoholic scene is at an all time high.

With more winemakers, brewers and distillers tapping into the market, and the arrival of Australia’s first alcohol-free bar that opened in April 2021, going dry beyond July can be done with ease thanks to premium, non-alcoholic online shop Craftzero.

An Australian-made marketplace, Craftzero was founded by two brother-in-laws, Sherif Goubran and Marc Naggar, who have a passion to improve peoples lives with a simple yet mind-blowing solution: a platform where shoppers can explore artisan non-alcoholic beverages judgement free.

With a study by Hunter and Bligh showing that close to 64 per cent of Australians surveyed would consider trying a low-alcohol or zero-alcohol alternative in a bid to cut back on alcohol consumption, Craftzero is revolutionising the way in which people drink thanks to their expansive, artisan collection of non-alcoholic beverages.

From booze-free beer, wine and spirits, Craftzero aims to cater for every palate and every occasion.

“Craftzero is on a mission to revolutionise the way people drink, and we wanted to create a platform that catered for every reason – from religious to cultural [and] to health. Whether a customer is looking to cut down their alcohol consumption, alternatives to drink when pregnant, go dry for a month or sober for life, Craftzero is here to support,” said co-Founder Goubran.

Working with inspiring distillers, brewers and winemakers from Australia and around the world, Craftzero ensures that every non-alcoholic beverage featured on their online shop features superior quality ingredients and incredible attention to detail down to the very last drop. Highlighting products that are made in small batch – whether that be that the botanicals are handpicked, the beers are made using a complex technique and the wines are still full of flavour and character – all ensure that the outcome is sophisticated and everything Australians are looking for.

With co-Founder Goubran explaining that Craftzero supports Australians regardless of their reason to try a non-alcoholic alternative, the duo believe that their one-stop online shop goes hand-in-hand for those looking for a healthier lifestyle. “Non-alcoholic beverages are no longer reserved for those that can’t or don’t want to drink alcohol”, he said.

“From better sleep, to the absence of hangovers, saving money, [and] a happy liver – it’s not hard to see the benefits of taking a break from the booze,” said Goubran. “While many individuals recognise the perks of being sober, we find it’s the social settings that tend to bring people unstuck,” he explained.

With a dedicated alcohol-free cocktail recipe collection thanks to their in-house mixologist, Craftzero also boasts the most extensive range of non-alcoholic beverages on a premium, one-stop online marketplace that delivers Australia-wide.

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