Australia takes home the gold… even if we didn’t want it to begin with.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics is well and truly underway. This year, as most of us know, due to the worldwide COVID-19 situation, spectators aren’t allowed to attend the games. And although some Australian cities are still trying to manage and overcome the pandemic, this isn’t letting our Aussie spirit down.

Despite 75 per cent of Australians previously agreeing that the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics should be cancelled due to COVID-19 back, interestingly in a recent survey conducted by Hunter and Bligh, similarly close to three quarters (74.3 per cent) of Australians surveyed are currently tuning into the games.

And we get it, how could we miss the exhilarating feeling screaming at our television screens watching our nations representatives stand proud at the podium.

In a matter of a month of the two Hunter and Bligh surveys being conducted, three in 10 (31.4 per cent) Australians changed their mind about whether they agree with the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games going ahead during the pandemic. Previously, 75.3 per cent agree that the games should have been cancelled – now this number has dropped down to just 43.9 per cent.

But what made us change our minds? Is it our love for sports? Is it the true Aussie spirit watching our nations best compete? Or is it the desire to escape the mess happening back at home even if it’s just for one minute and 53 seconds – the time it took Ariarne Titmus to set an original record and win the gold medal in the women’s 200-metre freestyle?

Despite our passion for yelling snarky comments at the television screen as if we had the skill to do the job ourselves (or if we were in the position to be every athletes coach), we love live, in-person, spectatorship at sports events. The survey shows that more than half (52.5 per cent) of the Australians surveyed have said that no crowds at the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics makes the experience less enjoyable.

With Sydneysiders currently in lockdown and working from home, regardless of the convenience of watching the Olympic games which is broadcasted by free-to-air station Channel Seven or via the 7plus app, only a quarter (25.3 per cent) are watching the action unfold whilst working. Viewing Dean Boxall’s legendary celebration of Ariarne Titmus’ win was a definite must-not miss moment.

Taking things back home – apart from the eight gold, two silver and 10 bronze medals – 71.1 per cent of the Australians surveyed by Hunter and Bligh have said that they are excited about Brisbane hosting the 2032 Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games. Time to bring back Syd, Olly and Millie.

Data received by Hunter and Bligh and conducted by CoreData Research, a global specialist financial services research and strategy consultancy. The survey was conducted in July 2021 and received results from 1104 Australians.
Feature image: Photographed by Ivonne Wierink. Image via Unsplash.