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8 of the Best Low and Non-Alcoholic Wines To Try in 2021

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Don’t whine over no wine. Get ready to clink your glasses the alternative way.

As Dry July is well and truly underway, most of us are opting to take on the challenge of dismissing our much beloved tipple and replacing it with some (often underwhelming) alternatives.

Until now, that is.

To help you with your Dry July festivities or even just to point you in the direction of some great low alcohol choices, we’ve found eight of the best low and non-alcoholic wines for this Dry July 2020.

<strong>Banrock Station</strong> Sparkling Infusion Green Tea
Image via BWS website

Banrock Station Sparkling Infusion Green Tea

Made in Australia, Banrock Station Sparkling Infusion Green Tea provides a modernised taste to alternative zero alcohol wine. Using a bewitching blend of sparkling green juice and green tea, the end result on the palate is a fruity, creamy and deliciously deep blend of flavour thanks to its charismatic list of ingredients. This will be one non-alcoholic wine alternative that will have you hooked even when Dry July ends. Serving suggestion: accompany your drop with a range of truffled cheeses and distinctly salted meats.

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<strong>Blue Nun</strong> Low Alcohol Red Wine
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Blue Nun Low Alcohol Red Wine

Ready for your next glass of red to taste heavenly? Blue Nun’s Low Alcohol Red Wine will provide you with the satisfaction of the real deal minus the next day guilt. Made in Germany, this low alcohol wine varietal is made from full-ripened grapes to provide a light, fruity and smooth taste on the palate whilst only having 0.5% alcohol. A superb all-rounder, if you’re looking to try something classic with a Dry July spin, Blue Nun’s Low Alcohol Red Wine is it. Serving suggestion: try this drop with Mark Best’s Potato Gnocchi and Pesto recipe.

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<strong>Lindeman's</strong> Low Alcohol Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir
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Lindeman's Low Alcohol Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir

Celebrate in style this year thanks to Lindeman’s Low Alcohol Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir, with only 0.5% alcohol. Despite it’s low alcohol rating, this drop still delivers that sharp, dry edge most chardonnay lovers look out for in a renowned sparkling wine. So if you’re opting to go dry(ish) this Dry July, pop open this Lindeman’s creation to explore a wine variety you never knew you needed. Serving suggestion: in a champagne flute pop in some diced seasonal fruit and top with Lindeman’s Low Alcohol Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir.

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<strong>Lindeman's</strong> Maiden Press Sparkling Shiraz
Image via BWS website.

Lindeman's Maiden Press Sparkling Shiraz

Made in South Australia, this Australian grown tipple is perfect for those opting to take on the Dry July challenge with a different low alcohol spin. With less than 0.5% alcohol, Lindeman’s Maiden Press Sparkling Shiraz is also made with a less sugar, so not only will drinkers be tantalised by the classic juicy berry flavour and subtle apple notes, but it is also the perfect leaner wine choice for your next festivity. Serving suggestion: pairs perfectly with barbecued meats.

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<strong>McGuigan</strong> Zero Alcohol Rosé
Image via BWS website

McGuigan Zero Alcohol Rosé

If you can’t go a day without rosé, then taking the lead this Dry July is McGuigan’s Zero Alcohol Rosé blend. Part of their contemporary alcohol-free range, McGuigan’s Zero Alcohol Rosé drop is bright and light, to say the least. Rich with aromas of delicate red fruits and rose petal, one sip of this gorgeous non-alcoholic tipple will have you tasting delicious flavours of strawberry and pink grapefruit with a crisp and refreshing finish. Serving suggestion: if time permits, try making your very own frozen McGuigan Zero Alcohol Rosé at home.

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<strong>McGuigan</strong> Zero Sauvignon Blanc
Image via BWS website

McGuigan Zero Sauvignon Blanc

Taking on the Dry July challenge but you can’t do without a glass or two of your favourite winery varietal? McGuigan’s Zero Sauvignon Blanc has got you covered. Resembling the taste of the real deal, this zero alcohol wine will find tasters experience an invigorating and full flavoured taste. The bonus is that it has come just in time for Christmas in July celebrations or any other occasion you opt for no alcohol. Serving suggestion: pair this drop with a heartier dish like this Otway Pork’s easy Slow-Cooked Pork Shoulder recipe.

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<strong>McGuigan</strong> Zero Alcohol Sparkling
Image via BWS website

McGuigan Zero Alcohol Sparkling

In need of a non-alcoholic wine for your next Dry July celebration? McGuigan has got you covered with their Zero Alcohol Sparkling. Identical in flavour and its distinct characteristics to an alcoholic option, thanks to McGuigan’s, your wine alternative means that you don’t need to miss out on that all important taste – even if you are skipping the alcohol. Serving suggestion: place a sugar cube and a few dashes of bitters into the champagne flute before pouring.

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<strong>NON</strong> Non-Alcoholic Box
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NON Non-Alcoholic Box

Not willing to sacrifice on flavour and originality this Dry July? NON may just be the one. Taking the stress out of finding the perfect fit, NON’s Non-Alcoholic Box is packed with three distinct zero alcohol drops that encapsulate an orgasmic blend of heavenly flavours. Think Raspberry & Chamomile, Hibiscus & Lemon or Yuzu & Cinnamon – something you and your Dry July festivities did not see coming. Serving suggestion: a general all rounder, we recommend you pair this Non-Alcoholic Box with Fried Cauliflower or this heavenly Plum Tarte Tatin recipe to finish.

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