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The 10 Best Low Alcohol and Non-Alcoholic Australian Wines 2022

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Looking to go booze-free? Or are you just wanting to try and indulge in a healthier wine alternative? Sip your way to bliss with our list!

For some time now Australians have been trying to drink less alcohol. And it makes sense. Despite the frivolity of getting drunk, it’s never fun the next day, and sometimes you don’t remember much anyway! And, for many, the ongoing consumption of alcohol is catching up with us.

But don’t think your regular boozy dinner parties will have to get boring. Nor will those Friday office drinks convert to childish soda nights. Instead, you can still drink and be kind to your body thanks to these Australian made low alcohol wines and non-alcoholic wines that you should be sure to add to your drink list in 2022!

The Best Australian Low Alcohol Wines:

<strong>Edenvale</strong> Low Alcohol Sparkling Cuvee
Image via Dan Murphys website.

Edenvale Low Alcohol Sparkling Cuvee

Edenvale is the crème de la crème with their low alcohol range, with their top-rating tipple being this sparkling cuvee. It’s as crisp as any other cool cuvee, featuring refreshing fruity flavours that linger after every mouthful. Due to the wine having the alcohol removed, rather than being alcohol free, the wine is made in the traditional way with the process of removal of the alcohol added at the end. This enables the classic taste to be retained. Best served with friends!

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<strong>Jacob's Creek</strong> Better By Half Pinot Grigio
Image via Boozebud website.

Jacob's Creek Better By Half Pinot Grigio

While it’s not exactly low alcohol, it still harnesses less of it compared to your standard Pinot Grigio. Half of it, in fact. To be exact, the alcohol is half that of the classic Pinot Grigio by Jacob’s Creek, and also contains half the calories too! One of the healthiest low alcohol wines on the market; just like your standard Pinot Grigio, this baby is light and luscious, with a crispy bite. Expect a fruity balance between nashi pears and lemon blossom with a classic, textured finish. Best served with seafood or punchy Thai cuisine.

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<strong>Minchinbury</strong> Low Alcohol Classic Brut
Image via Dan Murphys website.

Minchinbury Low Alcohol Classic Brut

Classic Bruts from south-eastern Australia are hard to come by, more so when it’s low alcohol. But, at 0.5% ABV, the Minchinbury Low Alcohol Classic Brut is a definite crowd pleaser. This low alcohol wine is pale straw in colour with a fine, refreshing bead. Expect aromas of light, lemony hints with subtle tropical notes, with a palate that bursts to a delicious finish. Here’s another one that is best served with friends, but, if you must pair with food, you can’t go past seafood!

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<strong>Soul Tracker</strong> Ultra Low Alcohol Shiraz
Image via Liquorland website.

Soul Tracker Ultra Low Alcohol Shiraz

Question: how does one make a punchy Shiraz with little alcohol? Well, Soul Tracker has the answer. At 0.5% ABV, this Australian made low alcohol wine sure knows how to get feisty, with a good body to boot. Expect spicy notes, matched with that sweet oaky flavour one expects of Shiraz – complementing plum and forest berry flavours. On the palate, a striking match between sweet dark cherry and juicy black plum notes sing under the guide of subtle oak tannins, rising to a beautiful big finish. One of the best low alcohol red wines on our list!

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The Best Australian Non-Alcoholic Wines:

<strong>Plus & Minus</strong> Zero Alcohol Shiraz
Image via Boozebud website.

Plus & Minus Zero Alcohol Shiraz

This delicious Shiraz is the first of Plus & Minus’ new premium no-alcohol wine range. State-of-the-art technology has enabled the alcohol to be extracted without compromising on body and taste. The nose features captivating black fruit aromas with hints of spice and toasty oak influence. The palate is smooth and full of fruity flavours, with a considerable body and length and, not to forget, it has a great mouthfeel on the finish with a cleansing acidity. Best served with steak!

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<strong>Sobriety Society</strong> Organically Grown Blanc de Blancs
Image via Boozebud website.

Sobriety Society Organically Grown Blanc de Blancs

Now here’s an alcohol-free sparkling wine with all the fizz and no fuzzy head afterwards. A classic example of Blanc de Blancs, brimming with citrus and apple and a freshly effervescent texture. The palate is full-flavoured and ends dry with a hint of sweetness. And it’s completely vegan friendly! Serve chilled with a smorgasbord of canapes and great friends, or even as a simple aperitif before your homely degustation. Better yet, why not toast to something extravagant in your life!

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<strong>McGuigan Wines</strong> Zero Rosé
Image via Boozebud website.

McGuigan Wines Zero Rosé

Make your boozy brunch a little less tipsy and much more fruitful with McGuigan Wines Zero Rosé. Its tickled pink and totally sober, featuring zesty aromas of delicate red fruits complemented with hints of rose petal. It smells like a summer afternoon under the sun. As for the palate, it is quite giving, streaming with flavours of strawberries and pink grapefruit, leading to a crisp and refreshing finish. Add this non-alcoholic wine to your drinks list and pair it with fresh seafood – from prawns to oysters, or even a snappy snapper!

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<strong>Maggie Beer</strong> Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Ruby Cabernet
Image via Dan Murphys website.

Maggie Beer Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Ruby Cabernet

Most alcohol free wines are made basic, from rosé’s to sparkling wine, but Maggie Beer gets a bit daring with an alternative Sparkling made with Cabernet grapes. The Maggie Beer Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Ruby Cabernet shares a deep rose colour, with fine beads of bubbles and a complex mouthfeel. Sourced from grapes in the Barossa Valley, this Sparkling wine is the perfect toaster, a delectable aperitif, or even a main component to a fancy dinner.

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<strong>Edenvale</strong> Shiraz Alcohol Removed
Image via BWS website.

Edenvale Shiraz Alcohol Removed

Topping our list of the best Australian made low alcohol wines, Edenvale also comes in as with one of the best booze-free wines too! This classic dry red is anything but simple, featuring a deep ruby colour, a supple body and smooth palate. Expect aromas of ripe black cherry, rich dark plum and a splash of spice making it a wonderful accompaniment to a grilled dinner. And at 17 calories per 100 millimetres, it’s also a great healthy wine alternative too!

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<strong>Maison Blue</strong> Sparkling Dark Grape Juice
Image via Dan Murphys website.

Maison Blue Sparkling Dark Grape Juice

Technically it’s a Moscato, but technicalities only go so far in wine making. Isn’t alcohol free Moscato just another form of grape juice? Despite all this, it’s a flavoursome sparkling wine with absolutely zero alcohol included. Expect a fruity mix of strawberry, lychee and black fruits on the nose, with a hint of floral notes. The palate tastes just as sweet, with vibrant acidity, and a balance of sweetness against fine tannins. A great addition to a hot summer afternoon.

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Feature image: Photographed by Zan. Image via Unsplash.
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