It’s that time of year! Where tensions are running high, Christmas chaos in full swing, and all you need is a quick getaway.

Luckily, Perth is surrounded by beautiful places to visit. So whatever direction you’re heading be sure to bookmark this page as we have all the answers for you.


If wineries, beaches, distilleries and chocolate isn’t enough to get you off and driving to Margaret River, then we don’t know what is. Whether it be a lads trip, romantic trip, family trip, or ‘exams are over’ trip, Margaret River has you covered with their renowned wine tours, sightseeing, and caving. Not to mention the drive down is full of potential Instagram pictures.

I am approximately 3 hours drive from Perth.



Feeling adventurous? Need more excitement? Want to be free of the office life and experience the great outdoors? Moore River is packed full with snorkeling, sand duning, fishing and not to mention the local pubs and grub. This is the top place to make some classic Australian summer memories.

I am approximately 2 hours drive from Perth.


If you are a Perthian then you know there is nothing more classic than a trip to Rotto with the gang. Supplying bike rides around the island, incredible beaches, fun family activities and ferry rides –  Rottnest has everything for your weekend getaway. Oh, and did we mention the Quokkas?

I am approximately 30 minutes away from Perth (via ferry). 


Looking for a more traditional getaway? Ledge Point is a fisherman’s ideal holiday-escape. This small beach town offers windsurfing, 4WD and incredible fishing locations that will be sure to even please Rex Hunt. This is an ideal location for a quick and simple getaway to sit back, relax and recharge.

I am approximately 1.5 hours drive from Perth.


If you want to see Australia’s natural beauty first hand then be sure to bookmark this! It’s safe to say Jurien Bay is one of WA’s most popular tourist attractions. Gifting to us The Pinnacles, Nambung National Park, amazing beaches, and many other great attractions – give us one good reason why you won’t add Jurien Bay to your list?

I am approximately 2.5 hours drive from Perth.