Top Sailing areas in Australia

The sun is out, and what better way to celebrate than with a sailing trip?

The ideal summer trip surely includes spending time on the water, our top way to relax during the Australian summer heat. Australia is a brilliant destination for water activities, and sailing is an experience like no other. Let’s take a look at some of the best sailing trips in Australia.

Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay is a gorgeous destination on the coast near Brisbane, that lies between mainland Australia, Moreton and Stradbroke Island. The area is the ideal destination for water activities and has become a hub for boating, diving and swimming enthusiasts. Sailing trips are hugely popular, and stop at a variety of destinations including both islands and the Tangalooma Wrecks.

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Moreton Bay, Queensland Varying

The Whitsundays

Ahhh, the gorgeous Whitsundays, one of Australia’s classic holiday destinations. The islands around The Great Barrier Reef in Queensland are the perfect holiday destination, and we’re sure you’ve have all heard someone rave about how great Hamilton Island is! One of the best ways to explore this gorgeous part of Australia is on a boat and sailing trips are a hugely popular attraction. There’s a huge array of options to choose from: whether you want just a day on the water, or to stay several nights on a boat, there is surely a sailing trip for you.

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Whitsundays, Queensland From $169 pp

Port Jackson

Port Jackson is the waters of Sydney Harbour, and where better to explore Sydney’s sights than from the harbour. These sailing trips venture around the Harbour and are a spectacular experience for tourists and locals alike. The hot weather paired with beautiful scenery makes for one of the finest sailing experiences around.

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Port Jackson, Sydney From $175 pp

Great Sandy Strait

The Great Sandy Strait, located in between the Sunshine Coast and Bundaberg, between the mainland and Fraser Island is a gorgeous and picturesque area – perfect for sailing. The water is incredibly clear much like the Whitsundays and makes for a perfect environment to get out on a yacht and relax for the day. The marine wildlife you can potentially come across in the Great Sandy Strait include whales, dugongs, dolphins and turtles, hence why the Strait is described as a marine sanctuary.

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Great Sandy Strait, Queensland From $550

Lake Macquarie

Lake Macquarie is one of the premier sailing destinations of NSW. Located just 150km north of Sydney, the lake connects with the Pacific Ocean on its east side. Lake Macquarie is littered with sandy inlets and secluded bays perfect for sailing, swimming and snorkeling. The Lake is four times as big as Sydney Harbour and extremely quiet, making it a perfect sailing destination.

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Lake Macquarie, NSW From $75 pp

Port Stephens

The sparkling blue bay of Port Stephens is a brilliant place to sail. Named “The Blue Water Paradise” for obvious reasons, the bay is located 2.5 hours north of Sydney. The bay has 19 miles of clean, white, sandy beaches and is home to whales and dolphins. Sailing in Port Stephens is a brilliant experience, and a fantastic tourist destination this summer. There is a sailing experience for all tastes in Port Stephens, so be sure to make the trip and enjoy this marine experience.

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Port Stephens, NSW From $95

Rottnest Island

Located 19km off the coast of Fremantle, Rottnest Island is Western Australia’s own island getaway. The island is WA’s premier boating destination. You can catch a ferry to the island, but why not sail to the island in luxury. Sail to and around the island on a luxury catamaran and enjoy snorkeling, as well as plenty of other activities around the island. This is an incredible experience, so if you ever find yourself around Western Australia, be sure to put time aside to sail to Rottnest Island.

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Rottnest Island, WA From $229

D'entrecasteaux Channel

Located between mainland Tasmania and the Bruny Island, a 2 hour sail from Hobart, and home to miles of sheltered water – D’entrecasteaux Channel is our pick of Australian sailing destinations. The channel is littered with secluded beaches and there are often dolphin, whale and seal sightings in the area. On specific tours you can learn about how to sail, and immerse yourself in all things sailing as you take the helm. To experience sailing and take in the beautiful blue waters of Tasmania be sure to visit the D’entrecasteaux Channel.

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Bruny Island, TAS Varying