Happy new beard! Make 2021 the year you snip that beard into shape with these six life-changing grooming tips to combat that post-iso gruff!

After several months of on-and-off lockdowns and constant changes to restrictions, it’s no surprise that the facial hair scene in 2021 is booming. With nowhere to go but the couch, it’s clear the favoured past time of 2020 was experimenting with facial hair.

But, as the restrictions begin to ease, and we see ourselves creeping slowly back into society, it’s time for our lockdown inspired locks to get the chop or re-style.

And thanks to Bulldog Skincare recording over 42 percent of Australian blokes planning to experiment with their new facial hair in 2021, it’s clear the beard and moustache trend is here to stay! But how do we make these looks a little more, uh, tidy?

Cue Jules Tognini. Hair educator and men’s hairdresser; Jules is here to help Aussie blokes combat the lockdown ‘stache without the hassle or stress of expensive barber visits.

Gaining more confidence with their facial hair looks and more and more beards creeping into style trends for 2021, the age-old problem of high-quality maintenance is coming back into play, says Jules.

“Choosing the right shaving and grooming products can be tough for a lot of guys. It’s important to keep your product list simple. I’m a big fan of Bulldog Skincare for Men – they’re great quality and you can get them in most supermarkets. Grooming doesn’t have to be complicated and these guys make it easy,” he said.

So, to help you look better than ever in the new year, we’ve partnered with Bulldog Skincare and Jules Tognini to share six life-changing tips for maintaining your beard and moustache at home in 2021!

How to Tame the Lockdown Beard

While the lockdown gruff may have caught the attention of some online, as we enter the pubs again, it’s time you gave that wild mane a little TLC. Sure, the iso-scruff is set to be a trend for 2021, but it’s only a matter of time before that long, unruly facial hair causes more trouble than its worth. So, if you’re looking to revitalise your facial hair for a more shorter, cleaner and generally more tidier beard that we all know and love, these three tips are sure to have you looking your best in no time:

<strong>1. Keep it Clean</strong>
Image via Bulldog Skincare

1. Keep it Clean

Don’t let your beard hair grow tough and dry in 2021. By washing your beard hair routinely you can stop your hair from growing coarse and giving your poor partner pash-rash (not cool gents!). Say goodbye to that unruly gruff and instead keep your beard smelling fresh and clean with Bulldog Skincare for Men’s nourishing Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner.

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<strong>2. Oil it Up</strong>
Image via Bulldog Skincare

2. Oil it Up

Just like the hair on your head, your beard hair needs a little hydration from time to time too. Try using a beard oil, like Bulldog’s Original Beard Oil, to bring moisture back into those luscious locks. With aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea, your beard will be looking and feeling vibrant and fresh as ever!

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<strong>3. It's all in the Style</strong>
Image via Bulldog Skincare

3. It's all in the Style

Using a hydrating balm to style your beard will not only keep those hairs in line, but it will also bring a healthy shine to your mane! Try using the Bulldog Skincare Original Beard Balm next time your beard needs a little upkeep! Did we mention it also stops those pesky beard itches? Winning!

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How to Make your Moustache Standout?

Yes lads, that’s right, the moustache is on its way back up! After the drab year that was 2020, many Aussie blokes are looking to lighten the mood and bring some fun and experimentation into their grooming and shaving habits for 2021. And what better way to do so than with a wicked ‘stache? If you’re looking to embrace the mo’ in 2021, here’s two upkeep tips you should keep in routine:

<strong>1. The Key is in the Cut</strong>
Image via Bulldog Skincare

1. The Key is in the Cut

The mo’ is back baby! And with it, the upkeep too. If you’re dying to rock the hipster moustache in 2021 you’ve got to remember to keep it in check. If you are looking for the perfect tool to help you style and frame your mo’, try the Bulldog Skincare’s Original Bamboo Razor. With five blades and a pivoting head, it has never been easier to style your ‘stache. Plus, with a bamboo handle, you can rest easy knowing your mo’ will be looking sleek without harming the environment!

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<strong>2. Let it Gel</strong>
Image via Bulldog Skincare

2. Let it Gel

When dealing with a mo’ a close shave is always needed. For the ultimate close shave, you can’t go past a shaving gel! Try Bulldog’s Original Shave Gel for your next shaving mo-ment. With aloe vera, camelina oil and green tea, it will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean and your stache looking slick! Make styling your moustache a piece of cake in 2021 and give it a go!

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Putting your Best Face Forward

As we finally re-enter a somewhat normal society, it’s time to shed the old routines of our lockdown ways and beautify our lives again – starting with those beards. The key to rocking your facial hair confidently is feeling good in your own skin. Bring your confidence back in 2021 by taking care of your skin! And here’s the best way how:

<strong>1. Moisturiser is a Man's Best Friend</strong>
Image via Bulldog Skincare

1. Moisturiser is a Man's Best Friend

In order to feel good in your own skin, you need your skin to feel good too, right? Keep up those three-step washing routines with a cleanse, scrub and moisturiser in 2021 to ensure your skin is looking its best for the beard season! For an extra step towards protection this year, try Bulldog Skincare’s Original Moisturiser. It will hydrate your skin without leaving a sticky or greasy feel! Plus, it comes in a sensitive skin and oil control formula too. Bring your confidence back in 2021 with fresh and fabulous looking skin!

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Looking for more products to add to your 2021 glow-up? Then check out how this Aussie made skincare brand for men that will help to simplify your routine! Or, if that bamboo razor has got you thinking about your environmental impact, check out these four useful tips on how to create a more sustainable bathroom.

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