This Australian made premix is the best way to be-gin your summer of 2021!

Staple Drinks, Australia’s newest alcohol brand, is making waves in the ready-to-drink (RTD) world with their launch of Gin Soda Cucumber in a can. This 330mL concoction of Australian botanical gin, soda and real whole pureed cucumbers makes for a refreshing start to any summer afternoon.

Born in Clovelly, New South Wales, Staple crafts the mixes you know and love into a can, and is the only RTD brand to use real produce. Exactly like you’d make it at home or order from a bar, there are no cordials, just a focus on utilising real fruit and vegetables.

Staple Drinks Co-Founders George Tyler, David Snow and Matt Poole launched the brand in the midst of 2020, with their new addition highlighting the new year.

Gin Soda Cucumber was inspired by crowd-favourite tipple, the gin and cucumber,” George said. “We were surprised no one in Australia has created this yet, so we did.”

David jumped in by saying, “We’re making what we love; canning our favourite go-to bar drinks, like the gin and cucumber or vodka soda lime, and recreating the on-premise experience. Something we, like many Australians, have really missed in 2020.”

Gin Cucumber and Vodka Lime. Image: Supplied

Gin Cucumber and Vodka Lime. Image: Supplied

More than what’s on the inside, Staple’s packaging is simple, unique and unisex. Responsibly making use of fully recyclable 330mL aluminium cans, the brand is also a registered Exchange for Change scheme supplier.

“Steering clear of the skinny, white-labelled cans we see dominating the better-for-you category was really important to us,” Matt chimed in. “We tick all the boxes as a healthier alcoholic beverage choice with 89 calories per can, 1 gram of sugar from the real fruit and no added nasties, but we also tick the box for taste too.”

A brand for all genders, Staple Drinks is passionate about inclusivity. The simple designs, contemporary colours and down-to-earth content are all part of the brand’s mission to create a unifying beverage, enjoyed by all.

Your only decision: Vodka Soda Lime or Gin Soda Cucumber?

Gin Soda Cucumber and Vodka Soda Lime are available in stores across Australia or via Dan Murphy’s website.

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