It’s low-sugar, it’s premixed, it’s conveniently canned and, best of all, it’s Australian made.

Finding a premium staple to stock your home bar, pack in your esky or bring along to a lazy afternoon backyard barbecue can be one of the hardest things to do. Considering all of the factors, from convenience to taste, Australians are inundated with endless and tasteless options that don’t really hit the spot.

But, now, all of that changes thanks to Staple Drinks – an Australian made beverage company that delightfully cans all of our favourite mixes. Need we really continue?

Apart from being extremely convenient (just refrigerate and then flick open), Staple Drinks ensures that Australians can enjoy a delicious and well-earned drink in the tastiest AND healthiest way.

Best served cold and straight from the can, unlike other canned or bottled premixes, Staple Drinks is an all-natural, gluten-free, low-sugar beverage with 4.2% ABV and contains less than 90 calories per standard drink – so you can get your drink on without compromising on your summer body. Now that’s a win-win situation.

Launched in 2020, amid the craziness of Australia’s COVID-19 lockdown (when heading out to our favourite bar or pub wasn’t a reality) three long time mates – Matt Poole, George Tyler and David Snow – figured out that Australians were missing out on a healthy alternative, yet an equally tasty premixed alcoholic option.  

So, naturally, they decided to develop their own range of canned concoctions – Staple Drinks – something which not only ticks all of the boxes Aussies are looking for but also a beverage that personifies friendship and helping others create epic memories and experiences.

“We wanted to create something with unreal taste. A lot of products in the market want to claim the lowest calories with taste being an afterthought. But we wanted our product to tick the health boxes and actually be enjoyable. It’s something we genuinely love the taste of,” Poole explains.

Apart from joining the movement towards healthier alcoholic premixes, Staple Drinks ensured sustainability was at the forefront and is embedded each step of the way; from the recyclable can to the no-waste mantra. Concentrating on flavour whilst ensuring waste is kept to a minimum; their flagship release, the Vodka Soda Lime which launched in September, sees a fresh zesty flavour on the palate thanks to the real Tahitian limes (skin and all) included. If Vodka Soda Lime isn’t your thing, keep an eye out for a brand new release coming to Aussie shelves soon.

To learn more about Staple Drinks, head to their website now. Staple Drinks’ Vodka Soda Lime is available to purchase via Dan Murphy’s.

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