Archie Rose Distilling Co. has done it again taking the convenience of canned cocktails to the next level…

Undeniably, all of us can agree that 2020 has been the year of two things: chaos and convenience. And, yet again, the legends of concoctions at Archie Rose Distilling Co., have proved that when chaos and convenience combines, it leaves us with a captivating release of crafted canned cocktails.

Just in time for easing restrictions, summer and the festive season (that seems so scarily close), on Thursday 12 November Archie Rose will be unveiling the newest addition to their shelves: four new canned cocktails (6% ABV).

Joining the likes of Archie Rose’s other delectable 2020 releases including the limited-edition Australian spirit, Sandigo Heritage Rye Malt Whisky, Archie Rose Distilling Co. proves that rising from the ashes from the troublesome that 2020 brought for many Australians – from rampaging bushfires to COVID-19 – can now be done in the classiest, tastiest and easiest way they know how: canned cocktails.

Available in a convenient 200mL can, the new release brings bar-quality crafted drinks straight to your door. As for the four new flavours – Gin & Tonic with lemon & pepperberry; Gin Blackberry Spritz with lemon myrtle & juniper; Vodka & Soda with native blood lime; and Vodka Mango Spritz with lime & chilli – they are all made from Archie Rose’s award-winning Signature Dry Gin and Original Vodka, each bursting with a combination of Australian summer-inspired ingredients.

The Canned Cocktail range was crafted especially by one of Australia’s most acclaimed international bartenders and Archie Rose’s very own creative drinks manager, Rachelle “Rocky” Hair who has previously worked at some of the world’s best bars including London’s Dandelyan, Los Angeles’ Harvard and Stone and Amsterdam’s Super Lyan.

Creating a modernised Australian-inspired spin on traditional drinks like the vodka, lime and soda; Rachelle used the likes of native blood limes to create a more flavourful taste inside of the classic Vodka & Soda. Of course, the ubiquitous gin and tonic had been pulled back of its sugar and is instead crafted with a more bitter and tart palate that highlights the tang of lemon and punch of the native pepperberry.

Just in time for summer, Rachelle also created two redefined, almost nostalgic-like concoctions: the fresh, juicy Vodka Mango Spritz that’s packed with an energizing hit of chilli and lime; and the Gin Blackberry Spritz which focuses on highlighting the earthiness from the red berry and laced juniper.

Archie Rose Distilling Co.’s head of hospitality, Harriet Leigh, said that the Canned Cocktail range is perfect for Australian’s who want to celebrate the upcoming summer season and, of course, the start of a hopeful better year.

“When we sat down to approach this project, we did so the same way we do all projects at Archie Rose – in the pursuit of the best possible flavour. Where most canned drinks feature sugar modifiers and flavourings, our Canned Cocktails are the real deal. Made with botanical distillates just like our gins and vodkas, these drinks are real flavours encapsulated,” says Harriet.

Archie Rose Distilling Co.’s Canned Cocktails will be available from Thursday 12 November from the Archie Rose Bar in Rosebery New South Wales, via their online store and at select bottle shops around Australia from $24.99 (RRP) per 4 x 200mL pack.

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