Stuck on how to create an environmentally-friendly bathroom? These four useful tips will have you switching to sustainability in no time.

The bathroom. It’s the one room in the home where it makes us feel clean, refreshed and ready to start the day or tuck in at night. Ironically, the bathroom is also one of the biggest chemical-laden, waste contributors in the home.

So, to help you make your bathroom a little more eco-friendly we’ve curated these four useful and easy tips to have your space greener in no time.

1. Eco-friendly Toilet Paper

What does your loo say about you? Thanks to COVID-19, most Australians have come to realise the importance of toilet paper. But, little do we know is how this bathroom staple negatively impacts the environment. Since we quite literally flush away Earth’s trees – an estimated 27,000 trees wiped out daily just for our backsides – Australian sustainable toilet paper subscription brand, How We Roll, folds (or scrunches) in for us to use. Providing a solution for our next bathroom break, How We Roll uses 100% recycled and tree-free materials to create their range. Made out of bamboo, How We Roll also plants a tree for every item sold and, better yet, they are also one of Australia’s favourite subscription services. So you never have to worry about going without ever again.

2. Recycling Towels

Did you know that in 2017 The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age reported that Australians dispose of 169,000 tonnes of textiles (seven kilograms per person) each year? But, before you slam dunk your overly expired towels into the trash, there are a few ways in which you can reuse or recycle your bathroom linen. Firstly, if your towels can still be put to good use, why not cut them up and use them around the house to clean with as cloth? Or, you can always contact your local shelter to see if they are in need of towels to be used as bedding for animals. If of course, your towels have long expired, contact your local council or head to Upparel to find out more about their textile recycling program.

3. Cleaner Cleaning Products

So you’ve finally finished the most daunting task, cleaning your bathroom. Your bathroom may be clean, but, unfortunately, most of the products Australians use are filled with chemicals that aren’t good for the environment or our health. So, to ensure that house cleaning isn’t a chemical-infused daunting chore, we’ve found five Australian made, sustainable cleaning products that are perfect for your home. From scrubbers to sprays, degreasers, room mists, toilet cleaning bombs and more; let your housework no longer be a chore! To discover more, check out these five sustainable Australian made cleaning products you need for your home.

4. Makeup the Right Way

Think of it as spring cleaning, but for your skin. Just like the contents of your home, finding sustainable and environmentally-friendly products for your body is just as important. If you’re stuck on where to start, OC Naturals should be your first point of call. With everything from hand and body wash, shampoo and conditioner, each of their products is derived from plant-based formulas and they use recycled PET for packaging which can then be recycled again. For something more advanced, Seed & Sprout’s The Bar Sampler Gift Set is perfect. Equip with mini-sized shampoo, body and face bar, you’ll never have to look to plastic again. As for makeup lovers, Santé is Australia’s first owned and made reusable micro-fibre range. Perfect for makeup removal, facial cleansing, fake tan applicating and more; over three years, just one Santé Makeup Remover will save over 3000 disposable wipes, 5475 cotton pads and 36 liquid bottles ending up in landfill.

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Feature image: Photographed by Jared Rice. Image via Unsplash.