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5 Sustainable Products you Need for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring has definitely sprung so it’s finally time to get that housework done!

Your weekly housecleaning doesn’t need to be a chemical-infused daunting chore, it can be an environmentally-friendly and highly effective (maybe still daunting) experience instead.

Nonetheless, we’ve all got to don the gloves, pick up a duster and get our hands dirty, so why not swap the nasty for the good with our top five picks of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly brands and products for spring cleaning your home!


From the creators of Natures Organics, Cove is Australia’s newest sustainable cleaning brand that’s hit the shelves. Here to solve the world’s plastic consumption problem, Cove is designed for the environmentally conscious with its reusable and refillable cleaning products. Perfect for the laundry, bathroom, kitchen and everything in between; Cove allows Australians to use its plant-based concentrate inside of its reusable aluminium bottles. All you need to do is to mix with regular water from your tap and you’re good to go!

Designed to be reused again and again, Cove allows Australians to do more with less. Consciously curated, Cove’s line of products covers everything from surfaces to glass, bathroom sprays, concentrated laundry liquid pumps and more. And, if you run out, at just a click of a button users can replenish their spray or pump bottle with Cove’s refill packs that are made with 80% less plastic than a standard bottle and it can then be recycled through Australia’s REDcycle return to store program. From here your refill pouches will be recycled into community-friendly items such as park benches and playground equipment.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there. With sustainability and environmentally-friendly at the forefront, each of Cove’s household cleaning products was curated to contain no harsh chemicals or synthetic fragrances, non-toxic and cruelty-free. It’s innovative, it’s sustainable and it’s vegan. Just reuse, refill and spray away.

Cove | Laundry, All-Purpose Surface, Bathroom and Shower, Glass & Window, Dish Tablets | from $16.95


Wanting to start saying no to single-use plastic? Then Australia’s first dissolvable cleaning tablet brand CHANGE is helping us make the change. Launching throughout Plastic Free July this year, CHANGE is Australia’s first range of cleaning products that not only eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles but, it also uses dissolvable concentrated cleaning tablets to get the job done.

Using warm water as the activator, CHANGE is the first of its kind in Australia with Multi-Purpose, Glass, Water Bottle, Washing Machine and alcohol-free Hand Sanitiser products available. CHANGE’s Founder, Simon Karlik, came up with the ingenious idea after researching that the average Australian uses up to 130-kilograms of plastic per year – with only 12 percent being recycled.

Brought to us by its sister brand Cheeki – the first company to introduce stainless steel water bottles to Australia – Karlik wanted to design a cleaning product range that not only protects the environment but is effective, affordable and dramatically reduces the excessive waste of single-use plastic.

Putting change into perspective, each dissolvable tablet creates 300mL of cleaning solution which can be purchased in multi-packs of four or eight. And, if you need to start from scratch, CHANGE also has a range of starter packs available which include a purpose-built, fully recyclable spray bottle and two tablets to get you going.

CHANGE | Multi-Purpose, Glass, Water Bottles, Washing Machine, Hand Sanitiser | from $7.95


Meet SUSTOMi, a Tasmanian-based online brand that ensures that each of its items is 100% reusable, 100% biodegradable, promotes a healthy lifestyle, ensures that it is free from any nasties and, of course, replaces single-use plastic items. Brought to life in its founder’s home kitchen, SUSTOMi sets out on a mission to innovatively bring together an inspiring collection of low-waste goodies.

When it comes to cleaning, one of our most commonly used household appliances is admittedly, for most of us, also the one thing that we neglect and put-off the most. It’s the refrigerator. To start your spring cleaning where it needs it the most, SUSTOMi has got you covered. From shop to storage, SUSTOMi is home to an array of sustainable and eco-friendly products to get you sorted. Using the powers of reusable silicone, SUSTOMi ensures that whether it be produce or last night’s leftovers, its handy food covers and pouches will do the job the most environmentally-friendly way.

And, of course, SUSTOMi goes well beyond its silicone wraps. If you’re looking for more cleaning-based items, SUSTOMi stocks a range of nifty cleaning gadgets that will have you hooked including its range of bamboo-made brushes that are perfect for the kitchen and bathroom, natural dish and laundry bar soap, and, not to forget a natural cream cleanser that easily cleans kitchen appliances, stove tops, kitchen cupboards, pots, pans and even bathtubs.

SUSTOMi | Kitchen, Bathroom, Storage and Reusables


It’s simple, it’s refillable, allergy-friendly, eco-certified and cruelty-free. What more could you need? You may remember the ads where Aussies were miraculously ridding tough stains you’d deem unimaginable to clean. So now it’s time to put them to the test – and Koh has got our tick of approval.

Formulated with a team of scientists from the University of New South Wales, Koh Universal Cleaner was created and the world went crazy for it. As the name suggests, it’s a universally used product so whether you need to spray the kitchen bench, deep-clean the oven, wash the windows or mirrors, remove grime from the bathroom or mop the floors, Koh does it all. The solution, which is free from chemicals, fragrances, phosphates and parabens also meant that apart from being vegan and approved by Cruelty-Free International, it was eco-certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia.

Encouraging cleaning without the headache and stress, Koh’s products are bundled in bulk which means less re-ordering and shipping factors and more time doing what really matters – and that’s cleaning. Of course, going beyond the miracle liquid, Koh is also home to a range of Koh approved products to help you on your journey. From mop bundles to dishwashing tablets, sponges and brushes, essential oils, reusable spray bottles and even microfibre cloths; they’ve got it all.

Koh | Multi-Purpose, Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Floors | from $9.95


With six stores across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, despite its online oasis, Biome is definitely a one-stop-shop when it comes to eco-friendly products. With so much available, if you didn’t think that there would be an eco-friendly option, let Biome enlighten you with a low-waste alternative.

Since 2003, Biome took on an obsession with finding environmentally-friendly products that surpass more than just a reusable bottle. Covering everything from beauty to fashion, food, wellness, gifts, kits, and do-it-yourself projects – Biome certainly does not lack when it also comes to the home and cleaning. And, on top of that, they understand that regardless of where you are on your eco-friendly journey, Biome is here to help you with the right product that works for you.

Starting off from the outside and working your way in; whether you clean every day or once a week, Biome stock everything from non-toxic pest control products, kitchenware, multi-purpose cleaning sprays, degreasers and cleansers, bathroom and kitchen scrubbers, room mists, toilet cleaning bombs and stainless steel pegs to name a few.

Biome | Kitchen, Bathroom, Bedroom, Laundry, Garden

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted by Cove. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.
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