With household gatherings of up to 30 now allowed, it’s time to finally embrace your inner host with the most and entertain.

However, if you’ve enjoyed “boosting the economy” by indulging in a consistent string of enjoyable takeaway sessions and you’ve let your cooking skills slip, you may feel a little overwhelmed.

Thankfully, we’ve got the antidote.

What if we told you that you could host a sensational soiree and barely need to lift a finger? And, not hit the pocket too hard? Let us introduce you to Woolworths’ entirely new Christmas Gold range featuring 23 stellar products across bakery, fresh meat, savoury sides and deliciously addictive desserts. Think Free Range Triple Smoked Bone-in Ham, Chocolate & Wattleseed Cheesecake, and Gin Infused Pear & Riberry Fruit Mince Tarts. You’re welcome.

Woolworths Food Company managing director Guy Brent said: “With Christmas around the corner, it’s the perfect time for Australians to unwind from a challenging year and share good food and the spirit of Christmas with loved ones.

“We’re particularly excited about the new Gold bakery range that uses native botanicals like wattleseed, lemon myrtle, and riberry to create new flavours to entertain family and friends this year. Our research shows most customers are more likely to shop with retailers that use Australian native ingredients, and we expect this trend will continue to grow.

“We already offer 100 percent fresh Aussie meat and 96 percent of our fresh fruit and vegetables are grown on Australian farms. We’re thrilled to add an entirely new range to help make an Aussie made Christmas more accessible for customers around the country.”

The Gold range supports Australian producers and suppliers like The Australian Superfood Co., who source and process the wattleseed and hibiscus in the Gold Caramelised White Chocolate & Wattleseed Cheesecake and Gold Raspberry & Hibiscus Trifle. So not only can you eat delicious treats, you can feel good about supporting local too.

But with 23 products available it can be difficult to pick just a few. So, after some serious taste testing, we’ve highlighted our top 10 picks for your next Christmas celebration.

Woolworths Gold Range. Product images supplied.

Kicking off with dessert (because why do sweet treats always need to come second!?), our top five dessert Woolworths Gold range picks are:

  • Woolworths Cinnamon & Vanilla Shortbread Trees 14pk $3.50 – because who doesn’t love a tree-shaped biscuit?!
  • Gold Raspberry & Hibiscus Trifle 1.1kg $20 – it’ll be a dessert stand out thanks to its vibrant colours and delicious taste
  • Gold Chocolate & Roasted Hazelnut Tarts 210g Pk 6 $9 – perfect to fill dessert grazings boards
  • Woolworths Brandy Baskets Pk 6 $5.00 – simply add some double cream and fresh berries and you’ll have a masterpiece
  • Woolworths Plantitude Vegan Petite Meringue Nests 9 Pk $6.00 – because we all have a vegan friend, and nothing screams an Australian Christmas live a pavlova

Woolworths Gold Range.

Now to the savoury selection. We’re not going to lie, these treats require a little more work than the desserts, however, they’re easy and jam-packed with flavour. Our top five savoury Woolworths Gold range picks are:

  • Woolworths Triple Cream Brie Wreath 550g $15.00 – the perfect drinks and nibbles addition
  • Gold Twice Cooked Duck Fat Potatoes with Truffle Butter 500g $7 – YUM. Duck fat potatoes are no longer just a restaurant speciality.
  • Woolworths Vegan Cauliflower & Mushroom Wellingtons 360g $8.00 – That vegan friend also needs something substantial (and something that tastes this good)
  • Woolworths Boneless Honey Maple-Glazed Loin Ham $20/kg – you had us at maple-glazed
  • Thomas Dux Double Cream Camembert 200g $5.00 – a sensationally creamy brie to feature on your next cheese board

Want to up your game? Why not serve your guests some homemade deliciously golden Spiced Gingerbread or a Raw Raspberry and Cacao Slice (for your vegan mates). Or if you’re looking for something a little heartier why not try this Salmon Pesto Spaghetti or plant-based bolognese?

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