Smoke up your barbecue party in style with this easy-to-follow recipe!

Pitmaster and author of Ribs and Sides, Adam Roberts has taken his passion of whipping up easy to make barbecue recipes to create a seamless summer of 2021 party favourite. Inspired by a recent trip to Texas, this Texas-Style Barbecue Smoked Whole Turkey recipe now allows Aussie’s to create an unforgettable dish for their next backyard barbecue.

Using his ‘magic’ three ingredient seasoning rub and smoking it over Kingsford Charcoal Applewood Briquettes in a BBQ smoker; together with a sweet and spicy sauce, the Texas-Style Barbecue Smoked Whole Turkey will have your mates coming back for seconds.

Duration: 1.5 hours | Difficulty: Easy | Servings: 6


1 whole Size 52 (5.2kg) Turkey, butterflied
60g kosher salt
50g freshly cracked black pepper
50g brown sugar
300mL sweet spicy BBQ sauce (your favourite), to glaze
Kingsford Applewood Charcoal Briquettes


1. Combine the kosher salt, freshly cracked black pepper and brown sugar in a bowl and mix well. Move your turkey to a lined barbecue- or heat-proof tray. Using the seasoning, apply a liberal amount of coating and rub to all surfaces of the butterflied turkey and allow 20-30 minutes for the seasoning to activate. 

2. Meanwhile, fire up your medium-sized barbecue smoker using the Kingsford Applewood Charcoal Briquettes, achieving an ambient temperature of 150 degrees. 

3. Next, place the whole seasoned butterflied turkey inside of the barbecue but away from the direct heat (google search ‘indirect smoking technique’ for more information). Close and cook.

4. Using a digital thermometer, check the internal temperature of the meat, ensure all parts of the turkey measure to a minimum of at least 75 degrees.

5. Finally, once the internal temperature of the meat reaches 75 degrees, apply a coating of your favourite sweet spicy BBQ sauce as a glaze and allow the glaze to set for another 5-10 minutes before removing the turkey to cool before slicing and serving or refrigerating. 

TIP: Keep refrigerated whole chunked pieces of turkey in a sealed container and slice only what you need at any one time for best results.

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