Looking to start a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle inside your home in 2021?

Now, more than ever, Australians are ready to kickstart their journey of transforming their day-to-day lives into a more sustainable and environmentally friendly one. And, if you’ve already managed to invest in a reusable coffee cup, good news, you’ve already started!

But, as we start to shift to more sustainable alternatives, we can sometimes feel overwhelmed by knowing where to start – especially in our own homes. So, to encourage you on your eco-friendly journey, we’ve put together a list of the four easiest ways to help you make your home a sustainable and thriving abode in 2021.

1. The Backyard

Whether you’ve got just a courtyard, a balcony or flowing ranges of acreage; for most of us, the last place we think of creating a sustainable space is the backyard because it’s open-air and it’s somewhat green… right? Well, let us change your perspective. Firstly, to achieve and maintain a more eco-friendly backyard, you’ll want to follow these five, easy tips which explore everything from the benefits of composting, consuming water more wisely and how it’s great to attract wildlife.

But, if your space does not permit, you can start by planting, harvesting and using your own home-grown produce. And, thanks to Easy Come, Easy Grow, your backyard, regardless of how big, can be transformed into something more self-sufficient. Renowned as Australia’s very own seedling subscription, Easy Come, Easy Grow will deliver a range of in-season seeds each month for you to grow into delicious herbs, veggies or flowers. Featuring instruction grow cards to help you get started, you’ll never have to worry about what to grow and when.

2. The Bathroom

Creating an environmentally-friendly bathroom may seem like a daunting task. From the cleaning products to beauty, toilet paper and everything in between, a bathroom can seem like the biggest room of the home to transform. So, to help you flush into a more sustainable lifestyle, why not start with something small but mighty – toilet paper.

This is where Australia’s favourite sustainable subscription box, How We Roll is treating you and your loo to a greener alternative. Perfect for the pandemic’s toilet paper shortage and beyond, each month How We Roll delivers a care package filled with much-needed ply goodness. With everything from toilet paper to paper towel, How We Roll ensures that instead of wiping out trees every flush, we’re staying clean in the greenest way – with bamboo! Plus, for every toilet paper roll sold, How We Roll will plant a tree in bushfire-affected regions across Australia thanks to One Tree Planted. To learn how to make your bathroom a little more eco-friendly, we’ve curated these four useful and easy tips to have your space looking and feeling more greener in no time.

3. The Kitchen

Between cooking and cleaning, finding sustainable alternatives in the kitchen almost seems like a mountain-high pile of dishes – where do you start? Of course, like anything, we recommend starting your journey to create a more eco-friendly kitchen by creating an action plan and starting off slowly – change can’t just happen overnight! So, why not start small and, in saying that, start with how you start your morning in the kitchen – your coffee! Cue Tripod Coffee, Australia’s first certified, deliciously responsible, compostable coffee pod capsule. Nespresso-friendly, Tripod Coffee pods are made from plant-based and Australian certified compostable materials. So, after each brew, you won’t be in lieu of what to do. Simply just place the pod in your local green FOGO bin (if you’re in a participating council) or, alternatively, join Tripod’s Pod-to-Plant returns program, where they’ll compost them for you.

If however, your sweet tooth is craving something more deliciously exciting on the taste buds, why not stock your pantry with Australia’s favourite confectionery brand, Darrell Lea? Taking the switch to sustainability early in 2020, now, all Darrell Lea products use 100% sustainability sourced cocoa, 100% palm oil-free and, they also pay a premium for the cocoa used to ensure farmers earn more money to provide for their families and invest in their communities. Now that’s one chocolate you can feel good about!

4. The Wardrobe

Did you know that on average each Australian purchases a staggering 27-kilograms of textiles annually? From this, a whopping 23-kilograms – most of which are synthetic fibres – are then discarded! So, to stop your threads becoming just another pile of landfill, Australia boasts an extensive range of labels that caters to those who are looking to become more sustainable, eco-friendly and fashionable at the same time. From these 10 swimwear brands to these 10 ethical activewear labels, dressing up or dressing down has never been easier. Plus, if you’re wanting to transform your closet to be more greener, read on with these five tips that will flick out fast fashion in no time.

Feature image: Photographed by weedezign. Image via Shutterstock.