Looking to keep active whilst in lockdown? These four tips will have you breaking a sweat in no time.

Remaining motivated to exercise when you’re only allowed to be outside for an hour a day, with one other person in your local neighbourhood can be a challenge. But this doesn’t mean you should let all that hard work at the gym go to waste.

There are plenty of ways to keep fit and healthy while staying at home. And to help you, we’ve put together four tips to get you started:

1. Easy Does It

Not everyone loves diving into a high-intensity workout.  If you need a gentler workout, walking (or cycling) around your local neighbourhood is a quick go-to and a great way to avoid cabin fever. And, if permitted, these five secluded walking tracks around Perth are sure to keep your step count up.

At home (indoors or out) tai chi, yoga, pilates and bodyweight exercises are other low impact ways to stay active.  A quick online search will turn up a range of beginner poses and exercises you can mix and match for a bit of variety.  Keep those reps low (and any weights too).  Go for modified exercises before headstands!

2. Check-in with your Gym or Trainer

Perth’s COVID-19 lockdown has forced gyms to shift to virtual training and classes. Many offer group fitness classes by Zoom and other online platforms, while personal trainers run their sessions virtually. Jump on their website, Facebook or Instagram page to see what your gym has on offer. Who said you can’t string up some flashing fairy lights and Zumba in your living room?

If you don’t have a gym membership, there are a huge number of popular apps you can pay a one-off, weekly or monthly fee to access.  Many offer a free trial.  From flexibility to light cardio, strength and even dance, there is almost certainly a workout for everyone.  So, clear some space, get your activewear on and try something new. Download and navigate through these 10 best exercise-at-home apps to find the perfect workout for you!

3. Making gains at Home

For the gym junkies, there is a range of at-home options to help you maintain your physique, ramp up your endurance or power toward your fitness or weight loss goals. While running is an obvious one, sprints can be a great way to change things up. Try a beep test, or, if you are really keen, some tyre sprints will get the heart pumping and the legs burning.

If you prefer strength training, but don’t have the equipment you need, changing things up with lighter weights and compound movements is far safer than attempting to DIY your own powerlifting rig.

4. Keeping it in the Family

Lockdown is never fun.  But if you happen to be locked down with others, consider getting them in on whatever exercise you are doing each day – whether that be for company, a bit of levity as you stumble your way through a new workout, or a competitive nudge. And a tip for parents, get the kids involved. Pending on their age, children are extremely eager to try out high-intensity workouts or, for something less strenuous, morning yoga sessions are great to get the whole family involved. Although it may wear them out, instilling healthy habits now is great for them to continue even when the lockdown ends.

Family yoga session at home. Photographed by New Africa. Image via Shutterstock.

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Feature image: Photographed by Anem Style. Image via Shutterstock.