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Perth’s Best Secluded Walking Tracks

Sullivan's Rock to Monadnocks Campsite. Photographer: Amy Delcaro. Image supplied via Hunter and Bligh.

Perth is blessed with some of the best secluded walking trails and hikes that are perfect year round.

In Perth there are plenty of places to head out for our daily dose of sun and exercise – whether that be local parks, the famed Swan River, lakes, the Perth Hills and our long stretch of coast. So why not take advantage of the weather and our beautiful outdoor spaces and try one of these walks?

Bibbulmun Track

One way to ensure you see and explore all of the beauty of Western Australia is to hike the strenuous yet very rewarding Bibbulmun Track – a 1000-kilometre walking trail that takes you from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills down to Albany in the south west. Although there are only a few who have hiked the complete length of the track which generally takes six to eight weeks, we highly recommend completing one of the shorter Bibbulmun Tracks. The hike from the Mundaring Weir Hotel to the Golden View Lookout is the perfect place to start, taking you through beautiful jarrah and marri trees to a lookout over the Mundaring Weir and Lake CY O’Connor. There are plenty of hikes to choose from which all depends on the distance and difficulty of the track. Regardless, we can guarantee the Bibbulmun Track is the best way to appreciate the heart of Western Australia.

Mundaring Weir & CY O'Connor Lake. Photographed by Ciwoa. Image via Shutterstock.

Mundaring Weir & CY O’Connor Lake. Photographed by Ciwoa. Image via Shutterstock.

Cape to Cape Track

The Cape to Cape is a 123-kilometre hike located in the south west of Western Australia extends from the Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse to the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse. Due to its position along the coast, this hike is the most tranquil and peaceful where you will often stand upon cliffs overlooking beaches with turquoise and deep azure waters. Otherwise, visitors can opt to walk through forest and bushland and follow paths bordered by wildflowers and unique rocks. Similar to the Bibbulmun Track, the Cape to Cape can be completed in either a one, five or six day hike with several campgrounds and hostels available for overnight stays  within town, or you can complete shorter day hikes. Either way, you really can do no wrong when hiking along the Cape to Cape, especially when you have the most beautiful region in Western Australia to explore.

Sullivan’s Rock to Monadnocks Campsite

If Darryl Keerigan from The Castle were to comment on this hike, he would definitely mention the serenity – and we couldn’t agree more! This walk from Sullivan’s Rock to the Monadnocks Campsite is every part peaceful as it was calming and relaxing. When driving along Albany Highway, it can be difficult to ascertain where the hike begins but once you find the right turn off into the Sullivan Rock carpark, you should be on your merry way! This 15-kilometre hike starts at Sullivan’s Rock, a short 100-metres away from the road, before taking you across Mount Vincent and Mount Cuthbert, where soon after, you will reach the Monadnocks Campsite for a well-deserved break! Along the walk, you will find wildflowers lining the path, kangaroos hiding in the shrub and some spectacular views overlooking a blanket of green bushland that extends for kilometres beyond the horizon. This hike is for those who need a dose of nature to brighten the week (and have around five hours to spare).

Burswood Loop Bridges Walk

The Swan River is Western Australia’s pride and joy and now has Elizabeth Quay and Optus Stadium sitting on its edge – the perfect spot to release some energy. The first route around the river begins in Burswood and takes you alongside the shadows of Optus Stadium, through to the beautifully manicured gardens of Claisebrook Cove, past Trinity College before circling you back towards Burswood over the Causeway. For a longer route, you can continue on past Elizabeth Quay, the Riverside Drive and the beautiful South Perth Foreshore, making this the ultimate sight-seeing trail around Perth and the Swan River. To make this run even sweeter, you should time it up with the sunrise or sunset – it doesn’t matter where you are along the route, you will have the most beautiful view across the river.

Anywhere Along the Coast

Western Australia is blessed with a beautiful stretch of coastline so it would be foolish to not take advantage of this and head towards the coast for a walk or run. There is the West Coast Highway walk that takes you from Hillarys Boat Harbour down through Trigg, Scarborough and City Beach, the near seven-and-a-half kilometre Scarborough to Trigg Heritage Trail, the Warnbro Sound track or the Coogee Beach Trail to name a few. We really are spoilt for choice in Perth when it comes to coastal walks! Better still, if you time your walk with the sunset, then you can witness the sky light up in different shades of pink and red as you get your daily sweat in!

Feature Image: Sullivan’s Rock to Monadnocks Campsite. Photographer: Amy Delcaro. Image supplied via Hunter and Bligh.