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Sydney’s Top 5 Acai Bowls To Try Right Now

When it comes to acai, I am first to admit that I am a l̶i̶t̶t̶l̶e̶  very picky.

Unsweetened, preferably Amazonia, with peanut butter (and lots of it, preferably Pics), super thick, clustery granola on top… and the list goes on.

I usually make my own acai (if you haven’t already tried our Hawaiian Style Acai you’re missing out big time!) but I do also love discovering new cafes that have mastered the art of acai.

Acai has become very easy to find however that doesn’t mean they are all good, and certainly doesn’t mean they are always healthy. It is such a big trend (you can spot those acai flags all over town) but be wary of places that load their bowls with sugar and artificial fruit juice as this really does take away from the nutritional value and in my opinion, just doesn’t taste good.

So here are my top 5 best acai bowls in Sydney:


The Fruitologist ‘Beach Bowl’ may have just been crowned my favourite acai bowl in Sydney, at least in Sydney’s east. Big call, I know. The servings are generous with delicious clusters of granola and are some of the cheapest going around. I would surely be one of their most annoying customers as I always request unsweetened acai (this is as much a taste preference as it is a health choice), then swap the watermelon juice for coconut water and of course, add peanut butter and cacao. So really I am just creating my own menu item… but trust me, it’s delicious. The Bondi Fruitologist doesn’t have a sit in area however they do have crates set up nearby so you can picnic there. Otherwise there is another Fruitologist in Rozelle, with a great seating area, 2 fabulous choices of Acai and they give you lashings of Pic’s peanut butter!

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Bondi + Rozelle 11 - 13


Any cafe that has a dedicated acai menu is a sure winner in my books. I have tried the Power Bowl and the Hippie Bowl (the two that are made with peanut butter, of course) and both are truly delicious. They tick all boxes with that creamy consistency and the best selection of toppings. They also do a mean almond milk piccolo (my coffee of choice).

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Manly + Bronte 15.50 - 18


Acai Brothers have popped up everywhere and have a huge selection of acai bowls! Of course my pick is the ‘Ain’t Nothing Butter Bowl’ topped with coconut yoghurt, peanut butter and your choice of 3 fruits. Aside from the great acai, the staff are always very friendly which adds to the experience.

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Bondi, Neutral Bay, Bankstown, Macarthur Square, Manly + Liverpool 11 - 37


Consistently delicious acai. The original bowl is great for a light, fresh option but if you’re in the mood for something a bit more sustaining I love the Bounty Bowl which is topped with whipped chocolate coconut yoghurt, ‘clean’ chocolate fudge sauce and coconut flakes. Add a raw treat on top for something even more indulgent. Yes please! Side note but they also have a great selection of ‘toast toppers’ if you’re in the mood for savoury. The avocado and hummus with kale pesto is something special.

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233 Coogee Bay Road, NSW 2034 12.50+


I can never go past the signature ‘Cacao Crunch’ acai bowl topped with a very generous helping of peanut butter. Tip – request the acai blended extra thick! Their smoothies are also amazing if you’re after something lighter. The ‘Le Chocolat’ with cacao, banana, dates, almond butter, manuka honey and vanilla bean is great for a chocolate fix or if you’re after something fruity try the ‘Coco Royale’ with coconut water, coconut flesh, coconut yoghurt, mango, maca, honey and cinnamon. Ideal for those summer beach days!

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Bondi, Bronte, Coogee, Double Bay + Surry HIlls

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