Australia get a lick of this new gelato release from Gelatissimo…

From two vegan-friendly flavours to a limited-edition Bubble Tea-infused gelato release; there’s no denying that when it comes to some of the best new eats and releases of 2020, Australia’s favourite gelateria, Gelatissimo, has certainly raised the bar for lickable goodies this year.

So, to experience a taste of America right here at home, Gelatissimo has unveiled its latest range Flavours of the USA on Friday 09 October 2020 bringing us Aussies not one, not two, but three American-inspired flavoured gelatos to our shores. Because the best things always happen in threes…

Partnering with two of the world’s favourite chocolate brands, Reese’s and Hershey’s, Gelatissimo has also taken a tipple with a West Australian distillery, Whipper Snapper, for some fun — all three easily satisfying both wanderlust and sweet cravings at the same time.

Starting off with an infused combination of sweet and salty, the Peanut Butter Cup Made With Reese’s uses creamy peanut butter gelato and a hint of Hershey’s cocoa powder to scoop up a treat for Australians. Filled with a chocolate ripple and scattered with roasted peanuts and chunks of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, you can’t go wrong with this classic combination.

Next, for the chocoholics, Chocolate Kisses Made With Hershey’s is a rich chocolate gelato made with Hershey’s kisses and Hersey’s cocoa powder, then drizzled with more melted Hersey’s Kisses throughout – the best way to kiss lick 2020 goodbye.

And finally, paying tribute to America’s renowned whiskey scene and in collaboration with West Australian distillery, Whipper Snapper, the Gelatissimo Bourbon Caramel & Pecans promises to be a creamy tipple of gelato meets after-hours fun. Infused with Whipper Snapper’s Upshot Whiskey, each scoop is then drizzled with bourbon caramel swirls and sprinkled with crushed candied pecans. We’ll say cheers to that!

“Just because we can’t travel right now, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some classic American-inspired flavours. It’s been exciting to work with The Hershey Company and Whipper Snapper to bring these flavours to life”, says Gelatissimo CEO, Filipe Barbosa.

Freshly made in-store daily using no artificial colours or flavourings and only the best ingredients, Australians can scoop up the Flavours of the USA range into a cup, cone, purchased as a take-home pack or made into a delicious shake or gelato cake.

So whether you lick, suck or weirdly bite (we’re not judging), be sure to head into one of Australia’s 44 Gelatissimo stores from Friday 09 October 2020 as this all-American-inspired gelato range is available for a limited time only. For more information and to find your nearest store visit the Gelatissimo website.

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Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh was gifted by Gelatissimo. All reviews are authentic and are in no way influenced by our partnership.
Feature image: supplied.