From Ireland to Australia – Bushmills and The Whisky Club reveal new limited-edition range.

The oldest whiskey distillery in the world, Old Bushmills Distillery, partners with Australian business The Whisky Club to launch a limited-edition 2006 Marsala Cask Single Malt from their new range The Causeway Collection.

Whisky drinkers, get ready to revel in this tantalising creation from the oldest licensed whisky distillery in the world. The Bushmills 2006 Marsala Cask is a triple wood matured, non-chill filtered fusion of fruits and spices, crafted for the most indulgent of drinking occasions.

The Old Bushmills Distillery in Northern Ireland has over 400-years of whisky making heritage. While they may be the oldest, this distillery is known for keeping it cutting-edge with new malts.

Master blender at Bushmills Helen Mulholland says, “We’re not good because we’re old, we’re old because we’re good.”

Announced earlier this month, Bushmills are now releasing the 2006 Marsala Single Malt Cask as the first of their exclusive, limited-edition finishes of The Causeway Collection.

Named after the enigmatic Giant’s Causeway geological formation, close to the brewery itself, the legend goes that an Irish giant built the causeway to cross the sea and defeat a Scottish giant. And, naturally, The Causeway Collection imitates this showcase of Ireland’s prowess, displaying Bushmills single malt excellence with a series of rare and innovative cask finishes never before created.

“The global launch of The Causeway Collection represents a bold new step for us, an exciting time as we, at last, share these rare cask finished editions“, says Helen Mulholland.

The signature that sets the 2006 Marsala Cask a notch above other single malt whiskys are the artful aging practices. Aged over 12-years in a combination of oloroso sherry and bourbon casks, the whisky was then finished in marsala casks for an additional 18-months.

The Bushmills 2006 Marsala Cask is a full-bodied, golden spirit. The long years of maturation lend this single malt a delightful smoothness and velvety finish on the palate with notes of vanilla, spice, and dried fruit shining through.

The premier malt to be released from the collection, the 2006 Marsala Cask, is exclusively available to members of The Whisky Club who subscribe before this Sunday 04 October 2020.

Many of the world’s most exceptional whiskies are almost impossible to access in Australia, which is why whisky clubs and subscription boxes are saving the day for connoisseurs of fine malts. With the buying power of a group of people instead of one individual, services like The Whisky Club provide access to premium spirits not otherwise available in Australia.

The Whisky Club, founded by husband and wife team, Bertie and Emily Ashbolt Cason, has been delivering world-class, one-off whiskies direct to their members’ doorsteps for the past six years.

Bertie Carson, co-founder of The Whisky Club Australia, says, “Our vision is to bridge the gap between distillery and consumer, to give our members a taste of something special that you just can’t get anywhere else, direct from the maker to the drinker.”

The Causeway Collection 2006 Marsala Cask is a prime example of this and we’re thrilled to be working with Bushmills on this delicious history-making malt, made exclusively for our members.”

Bushmills 2006 Marsala Cask Tasting Notes

Nose: This expression is non-chill filtered with no colour added. Maturing in oloroso sherry and bourbon-made casks before finishing in marsala casks gives this triple wood single malt whiskey its rich dried fruit and sherry complexity, as well as the vanilla and woody undertones. 

Palate: The dark gold honeyed liquid holds a full bodied intriguing aroma with spices and caramelised apple sweetness.

Finish: The long years of maturation lend this malt whiskey a delightful smoothness and a velvety mouthfeel.

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Feature image: Bushmills The Causeway Collection. Image supplied.