Turns out only 14% of the Australian landmass is covered by mobile phone reception…

Yep, that’s a startlingly small figure that also shocked 95 per cent of the Aussie population who also wasn’t aware as discovered in GME’s latest research*.

The Aussie leading manufacturer of emergency distress beacons and radio communication equipment, GME, commissioned the nationwide research to explore Australians’ appetite for travelling the great outdoors, much of which we’re all hoping to do with international (and some domestic) borders still closed.

In fact, one in two Aussies say that they’re likely to participate in an outdoor adventure including the likes of camping, hiking, bushwalking and fishing, all of which can take place in reception-less areas. Oh and on top of that, worryingly Australia’s Search and Rescue System returns an average of 2000 lost adventurers each and every year. *Que dire music*

However, GME and country icons Lee Kernaghan and Ryan Gallagher (Married At First Sight) are turning this heart-thumping figure into something a little lighter, but all the more important with their Where the bloody hell am I? campaign – a humorous play on the iconic (and internationally-controversial) Australian Tourism campaign faced by Lara Bingle.

GME “Where the bloody hell am I?” campaign. Image supplied.

“GME is the top, Australian-made and owned brand when it comes to radio communication and safety equipment. It’s great to see so many Aussies taking up camping, 4WDing and fishing for the first time, but many don’t realise that just a few clicks out of the city and you’ll need a UHF CB radio or Personal Locator Beacon if you require emergency assistance. Where The Bloody Hell Am I? is a fun way to encourage Aussies to be prepared and avoid the worst with the right GME products” said GME product and safety expert, Tony Crooke.

GME’s Where The Bloody Hell Am I? campaign launches nationally in Australia this week. The campaign includes an Australian-first Rescue Routes map that transforms real-life rescue locations into safe travel routes with GME. Visit GME’s website for more details.

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*GME commissioned the independent survey conducted by PureProfile of 1002 Aussies aged 18 and over with results statistically representative of the Australian population.
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