Quick Brown Fox Eatery
22 Union St, Pyrmont, NSW
Monday and Tuesday 6am – 4pm, Wednesday to Friday 6am – 10pm
Weekends 7am – 4pm
(02) 9660 6345

Nestled in heritage sandstone walls, Quick Brown Fox Eatery is a refreshing contrast to the monotony of Pyrmont’s culinary scene.

As the new kids on the block, many would expect Quick Brown Fox Eatery to be going through the usual growing pains that any café or food hub experiences in its first few months of operation. But, for this cosy spot, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Run by sibling co-owners Ben and Emily Calabro, with head chef Kido Kwan, and a menu created with consultancy from Blumenthal-prodigy, Tomislav Martinovic, Quick Brown Fox Eatery manages to subvert the expectations associated with any new Pyrmont café and provide a uniquely approachable but equally delectable dining experience.

The café operates out of a heritage building on the corner of Union Street and Pyrmont Street and the charm of its aesthetic perfectly complements that of its service. With amiable staff, open dining spaces and original sandstone walls that embrace without smothering, Quick Brown Fox Eatery does well to transcend its location and establish a warm and open ambience, perfect for summer or winter dining.

Now, I like to consider myself a bit of a coffee connoisseur, and the Single O blend that Quick Brown Fox uses is some of the best I’ve had this side of Sydney. Long blacks are even served with a side of sparkling water – to ensure the palate is properly cleansed for every sip. The staff were happy to accommodate for my lactose-averse friend and she complimented their almond-milk artisanship (no easy task for even the most skilled barista). Top effort and full marks on the coffee.

The food came promptly and well-presented (though not to the point that it detracted from the taste), and we were eager to dig in – to this point impressed by the ambience and aesthetic of the experience. I ordered the Folded Eggs ($23) with poached ocean trout, confit tomatoes, fine herbs, truffled creme fraîche and black forest toast. My guest, staying true to her almond-milk millennial persona, ordered the Avocado on Toast ($14) with a soft boiled egg, Nonie’s charcoal, chilli labneh, pickled radishes and salsa verde.

The food took casual brunch to a new tier and I’m now worried I’ll never be able to enjoy my normal Sunday eggs benedict again, subconsciously knowing that I could be eating at Quick Brown Fox Eatery instead. The common consensus was that the food is a culinary delight and a refreshing twist on that Sunday Brunch experience that had become all too banausic in our lives.

But, of course, our palettes were insatiable and we had heard far and wide that the Koshihikari Rice Congee ($16) was a must-try dish in Sydney’s culinary landscape. Served with chilli fried egg, enoki mushrooms, maple glazed bacon, grilled cabbage and chilli relish, the congee certainly lived up to the hype. One of the best dishes I’ve had in a very long time.

To wrap up our symphony, the finale had to be none other than the French Toast ($19) (oh, yes, the French Toast). Made from Thoroughbread Bakery fruit loaf and garnished with toasted walnuts, cardamom, mandarin and house-churned caramel ice-cream, this was a treat that had us satisfied even to the very last mouthful. The bread effortlessly struck the perfect balance between spongy and dense, dancing the line in a beautiful ballet complemented by the striking flavours of the ice cream and cardamom. Another must-try.

Overall, Quick Brown Fox Eatery is a must-visit for any casual or avid culinary enthusiast. The Pyrmont based eatery is doing well to redefine Australian café culture and I can’t wait to see where they go from here.

Feature image: Quick Brown Fox Eatery. Image supplied