Sydney’s best gin bar is exploding with new summer cocktails.

Recently nominated as one of Australia’s best gin bars, Gin Lane is bringing some wild concoctions to celebrate over the summer season. Among the signature G&T’s and an array of cocktails will be fresh mixes, including refreshing alcoholic soft serves to booze up your afternoons.

Gin Lane owner, Grant Collins, is an internationally-renowned mixologist and is best known for his work in some of the world’s leading bars and venues across the UK, USA, South Korea, Indonesia, Maldives and of course, Australia. Grant says he is excited by the new offerings as well as the new “Gin Lane Herald” newspaper menu available for “Thirsty Thursdays” from November. It will share both seasonal and promotional offerings.

And now, without further ado, here are some of the noteworthy new offerings at Gin Lane.

The first and most theatrical of Gin Lane’s new cocktails is called Up ($38). It is served with Tanqueray Flor de Sevilla, pressed rose petal syrup, cold-pressed lemon oil, lemon aspen, green Chartreuse, orange bitters, and Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic. The concoction is mixed together in a quaint steel pale with a scented helium balloon tied to the handle. The balloon is then popped when served to the table, releasing a citrusy aroma.

The next must-try cocktail is called Smoked Apple ($32) featuring lavender-spiked bourbon, génépi, fresh lavender syrup, elderflower, pressed apple, The Apple Thief cider and a citric solution. This mix is served with nitro, adding a smokey illusion to the drink.

Another menu staple is the GoT “Wildfire” ($23) with Tanqueray, apricot, pressed passionfruit and pineapple, barrel-aged bitters, pressed lime and green Chartreuse. It is served with steaming nitro in a Game of Thrones-inspired goblet.

An alcoholic soft serve being enjoyed by Grant Collins. Image: Supplied

An alcoholic soft serve being enjoyed by Grant Collins. Image: Supplied

Of course, we cannot forget the popular alcohol-laced soft serves, which are a welcome treat for those hot summer days.

Cool yourself down while perking your senses with the Cider Apple “Gin” Fizz. It is mixed with Tanqueray gin, The Apple Thief cider, pressed citrus, candied apple and lime, topped with mint and popping candy.

The next new favourite for alcoholic soft serves is the Knickerbocker Glory, mixed together with gin, tonic and lemon aspen. It comes topped with gin macerated fruit and a wafer.

Finally, there’s the sultry-named Rosella Sling, with Tanqueray gin, pressed citrus, Rosella puree, mint, candied orange and comes served in either a cup or waffle cone that’s topped with sprinkles.

Of course, no summer menu at a gin bar would be complete without gin and tonic. At Gin Lane, expect a variety of new G&T concoctions.

First up is the Summer Thyme G&T, blended with Patient Wolf Summer Thyme gin, citrus, ruby grapefruit and juniper. It is served long over ice and tastes like a perfect summer escape.

Then there’s the GL Aquarium ($52), which is a wonderful concoction served in a smoking aquarium and designed for sharing. It comes with gin, Pavan liqueur, cinnamon syrup, blue curacao, Martini Riserva Speciale Bitter, white cacao, orange bitters and prosecco. A perfect little oasis for those warm afternoons.

Finally, there’s the Watermelon G&T. This is a refreshing cocktail which gently cleanses the palate and hydrates the soul. It comes with Tanqueray gin and pressed watermelon and cucumber, served long over ice.

Be sure to swing by Gin Lane this spring and summer for a revitalising afternoon-evening of cocktails and frivolity.

Monday to Thurs 4 – 11pm, Friday to Sat 2pm – late
16 Kensington St, Chippendale, NSW
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