Oscar Hunt is painting the part.

Less than a week ago, Australia’s leading made-to-measure tailors, Oscar Hunt, announced the launch of their limited-edition wearable Indigenous art suits, Amity Guild.

Collaborating with Stan Yarramunua, internationally renowned Indigenous painter, musician, author, performer and founder of the first privately owned Aboriginal art galleries in the world, Yarramunua Art Gallery in St Kilda; the collection showcases a marriage of indigenous arts and culture with one of Australia’s finest tailors, Oscar Hunt.

The collection, Amity Guild, was co-founded by the founding director of the National Indigenous Youth Leadership Academy and Australian Youth Representative to the United Nations, Benson Igua Saulo who worked alongside social and sustainability advocate, Aaron McNeilly.

Comprised of six unique designs, Amity Guild was born thanks to Benson and Aaron’s shared love for hand-crafted suits and connecting like-minded individuals.

Flourishing as a result of the battles found within his career across business, finance and human rights, Benson says, “We formed Amity Guild for a very simple reason – to showcase Australia’s rich cultural history and celebrate this with like-minded individuals. From there we approached Oscar Hunt, which felt like a natural fit for us.”

The Amity Guild suit collection showcases his Indigenous heritage to be displayed as armour.

“They share an awareness and appreciation of Indigenous arts and culture that can help bring our stories to offices and boardrooms across the country – ultimately, connecting the wearer to a growing national movement of reconciliation”, he continues.

Embellished with a broad spectrum of patterns, the suit jackets and pocket squares feature an impressive colour palette suitable for all occasions across casual day wear, to more office-appropriate and even a classic style perfect for more formal-attire wear.

Available across Oscar Hunt’s three Australian stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide, the Oscar Hunt Amity Guild collection features six persona suits: The Citizen, The Philosopher, The Insider, The Non-Conformist, The Artist and The Connector.

Each of the printed designs are identified with unique stories that will personalise and capture the character of the wear. For those who are creative and curious, those embodying inner strength, being unconventional by nature or even those who are driven by the belief that we are stronger together.

Internationally recognised Indigenous artist, Stan Yarramunua said, “For me, the power of art is unparalleled – it’s one of the purest forms of storytelling. The selected linings represent a series of narratives that embody courage, integrity, creativity and connection to country. Showcasing Indigenous art is timeless, and a way to connect our past, present and future.”

For more information visit Oscar Hunt.

Feature image: Oscar Hunt Amity Guild collection Journey Man (The Philosopher). Image supplied