From cleaning products to smoker accessories, we’ve found the latest and greatest barbecue accessories you need!

Hey Australia, it’s time to fire up the barbecue!

We love barbecuing just as much as you do. It’s the outdoor appliance that will cook just about anything. From summertime BBQ King Prawns to wintery Duck Fat Potatoes and even Maple Baked BBQ Bananas. But, do you have the latest products or accessories for your barbecue?

Whether you’ve got a weber or a smoker, we’ve found the top barbecue accessories you need to try out. Check out the list below:

<strong>Barbecue This!</strong> by Luke Hines
Image via Booktopia website.

Barbecue This! by Luke Hines

No so much an accessory, but well-worth mentioning as a must-have BBQ tool. Considered as a BBQ bible, Barbecue This! is a fun and modern guide to barbecue recipes. Perfect for those looking for some inspiration or ideas for simple meals to cook on the barbie, this cookbook showcases more than 80 quick, vibrant and flavour packed dishes. Created by Luke Hines, My Kitchen Rules finalist, Barbecue This! features recipes such as Teriyaki Salmon Skewers, Charred Chicken Burgers with Luke’s Hot Sauce, Texan Wings, Chilli Lime Beef Tacos to name a few.

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<strong>Euca</strong> Multi Ready To Use Super Strong Spray Cleaner
Image via Catch website.

Euca Multi Ready To Use Super Strong Spray Cleaner

If you’re looking for the ultimate BBQ cleaning product, Euca’s Multi Ready To Use Super Strong Spray Cleaner is the perfect solution. Non-caustic, environmentally friendly and free from nasty chemicals, this citrus super strong degreaser is perfect for cleaning barbecues and ovens. Made with pure Australian eucalyptus oil, this BBQ cleaner works to remove stubborn stains and built-up grease. A must-have for any BBQ lover out there!

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<strong>Everdure</strong> Cube Portable Charcoal Barbeque
Image via Bing Lee website.

Everdure Cube Portable Charcoal Barbeque

Get ready to heat things up thanks to the Everdure Cube Portable Charcoal Barbeque. The latest BBQ product to hit the market, Everdure’s Cube was designed for convenience and practicality on mind. Compact, versatile and portable, the Cube is perfect to take to the beach, on picnics, road trips or camping adventures away. Lightweight and durable, this portable charcoal cooker is perfect for high-temperature cooking. And, thanks to its sleek design created by Heston Bluementhal, you’ll be keen to cook in no time.

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<strong>Scrub Daddy</strong> BBQ Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Scrubber
Image via Catch website.

Scrub Daddy BBQ Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Scrubber

Stop wasting lemons! We’ve found the newest BBQ cleaning accessory your mitts need to get a hold of. Its Scrub Daddy’s BBQ Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Scrubber. Famed for their line of scrubbers, the Scrub Daddy BBQ Daddy Steam Cleaning Grill Scrubber is just as good. With a wand and scrubbing head, this scrubber features a heat-resistant steel mesh so no nasty bristles go into your next meal. Featuring a retractable hook to lift grill grates, this must-have BBQ accessory also comes with a bottle opener at the base and is dishwasher safe to prolong its life — no single-use wipes needed!

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<strong>Weber </strong>Q Smoker Box
Image via The Good Guys website.

Weber Q Smoker Box

We’ve found the coolest accessory for smoking meat, the Weber Q Smoker Box. Made from stainless steel, the Weber Q Smoker Box allows you to smoke meat, fish, poultry, pizzas and anything else that you cook on the barbecue! A must-have smoker accessory, the Weber Q Smoker Box works by circulating smoke evenly around your food. Just soak your chips or herbs, place them in the box, close the lid on your barbecue, and your good to smoke!

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Feature image: Photographed by Evan Wise. Image via Unsplash.
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