Stop fussing around the kitchen – subscribe to Australia’s best home delivered, ready-made meal services instead!

Forget fast food – we’re instead looking for the healthiest meal delivery services in Australia.

Saving time and money that was usually spent on overpriced groceries, endless hours shopping and prepping; we’ve instead found the most nutritious meals that are delivered directly to you.

Ready-made and perfect to subscribing to in 2022, take your pick from Australia’s 20 best home delivery meal kit services of 2022!

The Best Meal Delivery Services Around Australia:


Handcrafted using fresh, natural local produce with no hidden sugars, Chefgood is the wholesome, healthy meal delivery service we all crave! Categorising their meal plans into options fit for any diet, you can expect delicious ready-made meals at a click of a button. Better yet, go gourmet with their Guest Chef Series. Chefgood delivers to New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland.


Another meal delivery service dedicated to diet eating, Dietlicious has one of the easiest websites to navigate. Sister company to Gourmet Dinner Service, their style is diet-oriented meals that are delicious so you can expect everything from Tex Mex Chicken, Bircher Muesli and Pork Larb Salad to name a few.


Sourcing all of their ingredients from local farmers and growers; not only are Dineamic a godsend, but they are healthy and they taste good. Whether you’re a busy bachelor or a hungry family, Dineamic caters to your needs. Select how many meals any sides or snacks and then have it all home delivered. Dineamic delivers to Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

The Dinner Ladies

Sophie Gilliatt and Katherine Westwood sparked the idea of creating home delivered meals back in 2007. They specialise in dealing with fussy eaters – from the finicky child to the famished husband. The Dinner Ladies deliver to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane areas.

Eat Fit Food

Do you follow a gluten-free diet? Well, you’ve landed on the right one. Eat Fit Food can make you feel less guilty about ordering gluten-free even if you’re not really a coeliac. That’s because nearly every dish they serve is gluten-free! Eat Fit Food delivers to both Sydney and Melbourne.

Gourmet Dinner Service

Delivering solely along the east coast of Australia, there’s no denying that Gourmet Dinner Services knows a thing or two about dinner – from entree to main meal and even dessert options. On top of their renowned meal delivery services, they also offer canapés and can provide catering options for any type of function you wish to host.


HelloFresh is one of the most healthy meal delivery services in Australia. Adding vegan-friendly meal options two years ago, they can cater to nearly any dietary requirement. Simply choose your meal plan, select the recipes, get all the ingredients home delivered and cook them without fuss. Don’t fret, they also send easy step-by-step instruction cards with each of the meals. HelloFresh delivers in most large cities around Australia.

My Muscle Chef

If you’re looking for a healthy meal delivery service where portion controlling and a delicious menu is at the forefront, look to My Muscle Chef. Great for those who are constantly on the go, My Muscle Chef proves that ready-made meals can be a fun experience. Delivered fresh, expect everything from protein muffins, cookies and bites, and nutritious meals such as Asian Tofu Stir Fry, Beef Chilli Con Carne and more. My Muscle Chef delivers to most metropolitan areas excluding Tasmania.


The folks at Nourish’d are experts in taking the pains out of cooking while offering healthy and tasty options. They have a variety of feasting options, from simple convenience to the hungry hippos looking at wanting to pack on some muscles. Or build your own meal collection! Nourish’d delivers to most of the east coast of Australia including Tasmania.

Tender Loving Cuisine

Tender Loving Cuisine (or TLC) aims for the homemade taste and is partnered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Which means any disabled friends or family will love it and can feel safe while not having to use the stove. Tender Loving Cuisine delivers to major cities and surrounding areas in Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Brisbane.


Thr1ve is the only independently-verified, research-backed, healthy meal delivery service in Australia. And, best of all, delivery is free of charge! Whether you’re losing weight or just wanting to feel more alive, Thr1ve will look after you. Thr1ve delivers to metropolitan areas in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Australian Capital Territory.

We Feed You

Another healthy option here, with a distinguishing quality being their unique meals and unique personality. They are tailored for busy people, as well as those seeking to eat more healthy ready-made meals. We Feed You delivers to New South Wales, Victoria and Australian Capital Territory.


Youfoodz is a leading ready-made meal delivery service in Australia, offering a variety of menu options that span the globe. The variety of Youfood’z menu stands out, ranging from Australian, Asian, and even American cuisine. Think Chargrilled Lemon Chicken, Loaded Mac & Cheese, Creamy Garlic Chicken Kiev & Chips and even Portuguese Chicken & Rice. Youfoodz deliver to most major cities Australia-wide!

The Best Meal Delivery Services in each State and Territory:

New South Wales: Foober

Foober is a little more concerned with your physique, but they’re equally concerned about great taste. As well as helping customers lose weight, Foober also wants to help those other customers wishing to pack on muscles or to simply eat right. Rather than selecting different meals, Foober offers pre-made meal plans for specific diets. They deliver fresh, not frozen!

Victoria: Meals in a Moment

It’s nutritious food without all those scary words like paleo, keto and detox. They’ll cater to dietary requirements and they’re not as long-term driven as the others – focusing on the more day-to-day than those seven-week challenges. They can also deliver those handy items we always run out of at inconvenient times like milk, eggs and bread.

Tasmania: Dial-A-Meal

Established in 2012, Dial-A-Meal was the first home delivery meal service in Hobart and still operates today, sending out restaurant-style meals ready to be scoffed down. They specialise in a variety of cuisines from Asian, European and good old Australian fare. On top of this, they are also licensed to sell alcohol, making it easier to add a bottle of wine to match your delectable pasta or a six-pack of beer with your Indian curry.

South Australia: Adelaide Food Service

If you hate the idea of cooking, but you’re desperate for something tasty and balanced, then look no further than Adelaide Food Service. It’s also good for those who prefer giving back to the local producers. They also cater for those needing common grocery items like eggs and milk.

Western Australia: Wholistically Healthy

Their mission is simple: ‘to make healthy taste good’. And that’s exactly what they achieve. Meet Wholistically Healthy – Perth’s best home delivered meal service. Hoping to share the importance and relationship between food, mind and body, Wholistically Healthy embodies high-energy, lovingly-prepared food every single time. With gluten-free, protein- and plant-based options; you can expect everything from a Cantonese-style Beef Patty, a Chilli Lime Chicken Fajita Bowl and even a delicious range of dessert options such as Peanut Butter Cups and Rocky Road. Simply check their delivery map, order and receive fresh, delivered meals to nourish yourself! Perth, this is one healthy meal delivery service to subscribe to in 2022!

Northern Territory: The Shredded Chef

The Shredded Chef is the Northern Territory’s best home delivery meal service, where you can easily stock up on ready-made meals for the week. They aim for healthy and nutritious without compromising on taste. Whether it’s a luscious salad or a hearty pasta dish, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Queensland: Healthy Meals to Your Door

The name says it all: Healthy Meals to Your Door sources their fish and vegetables locally, and purchase their beef and chicken from trusted suppliers. Their kitchen is run by a nutritionist and chef, so you can be sure it’s good for your gut. They deliver in Brisbane as well as the Gold Coast and the Sunshine Coast.

Starting a flexitarian diet? Meet Flave – Australia’s Newest Plant-Based Meal Delivery Service. Or, if you need a tipple with your ready-made meal, this home delivered cocktail kit is perfect for happy hour!

Editor’s Note: Hunter and Bligh has partnered with Wholistically Healthy to highlight the best home delivered meal services in Australia. This article does contain affiliate links which allow us to make revenue off some purchases made by our readers. This article was first published on April 04 2020. It was updated and edited by Hunter and Bligh on November 25 2021.
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