Taste Poland’s rich vodka history with this newest release that’s launched in Australia!

Poland and vodka have a long and tangled history. In fact, the central European nation has been distilling and bottling the clear alcoholic spirit since its inception centuries ago.

There’s no denying that each distillery has brought unique production methods and flavours to the table. But with Poland’s tumultuous history, as distilleries became nationalised and standardised, those ancient techniques and methods were largely lost to time.

Enter Jan Felix Michal Korybut Woroniecki. Polish by descent, Woroniecki is keenly aware of the current state of vodka.

“I’ve been in the restaurant business for about 30 odd years,” said Woroniecki, having founded two renowned London restaurants. “I’ve tasted hundreds and hundreds of types of vodka, and kind of came to realise that actually a lot of vodkas are rather boring.”

Instead, the famed restauranteur wanted to try his hand at creating a new brand of vodka, one that honoured Poland’s spirit history. That brand became Kavka Vodka.

Drawing on traditional techniques used in 19th century vodka production, Kavka Vodka marries rye and wheat spirits with aged apple and plum to create a unique, slight fruity flavour. While the methods are over 200 years old, the taste is bold and confident.

Kavka Vodka has received rave reviews since it first hit shelves, taking out a gold medal at the 2020 Warsaw Spirits competition. And that prestige has finally arrived on Australian shelves, despite the pandemic.

“We were a relatively new brand, so we’ve been around for just about two years, so we were getting some traction in the UK,” explained Woroniecki. “And then obviously COVID came along.”

Instead, the team used their time to get Kavka Polish Vodka launched in Australia, just in time for end of year cocktail season. “Vodka is a celebratory drink,” Woroniecki said.

So with summer on the horizon, the mixologists at Kavka Vodka have concocted a few unique cocktail recipes for us to enjoy.

Kavka Polish Vodka Cocktail Recipes:

<strong>Kavka Honey Smash</strong>
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Kavka Honey Smash

40ml Kavka Vodka
20mL lemon or lime juice
10mL honey
Ginger Beer
Apple to garnish

Pour the Kavka Polish Vodka, lemon or lime juice and honey into a tall glass with ice.
2. Add ginger beer and stir.
3. Garnish with apple slices.

<strong>Kavka Apple Spritz</strong>
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Kavka Apple Spritz

Ice Cubes
1 part Kavka Vodka
1 part Soda Water
1 part Sparkling Wine
4 slices apple, thinly sliced

Fill a wine glass with ice cubes
2. Add Kavka Vodka, soda water, sparkling wine
3. Garnish with apple slices in glass.

If you’re looking to purchase Kavka Vodka, you can find them at Dan Murphy’s nation-wide.

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