Forget vodka, lime and soda – you’ll be drinking SVEDKA Rosé Vodka this summer. 

Australia, when you thought you’d seen it all – vanilla, citrus, raspberry and even skittle-infused vodka – think again. The new and pretty in pink splash on the block is the Swedish vodka producer’s latest concoction – a hybrid of rosé wine and vodka, SVEDKA Rosé Vodka. Another sensational beverage to be born from the lastest ‘craft culture’which has seen the spirit industry unleash wild, wacky and downright delicious mash-ups and infusions.

This pink-hued drop boasts delicious mouth-watering flavours of pineapple and strawberry, complemented by notes of hibiscus. A lighter style vodka (30% Alc/Vol), SVEDKA Rosé Vodka is perfect for those who want a drink to enjoy during the day or occasions that require moderation without compromising on quality or taste.

SVEDKA Rosé Vodka. Image supplied

SVEDKA Rosé Vodka. Image supplied

The pink spirit trend, including Rosé Vodka, has proven to be a popular lifestyle choice for millennials not only due to the ‘rosé all day’ mantra, but the growing cocktail culture that encourages lighter, lower alcohol options, in line with broader health and wellness movements.

And what makes it even ‘lighter’, is how it’s best served. Believer it or not, this fruity new splash pairs perfectly with just a splash of sparkling water. That’s literally it. So not only does your body love you (more) for it, but it doesn’t require any shaking, blending or obscure liqueurs. A dash of carbonated water, some ice and if you’re feeling summery, garnish with a strawberry or lemon twist. Or, if like us, you like to lift your ‘beverage game’, be sure to pop in a hibiscus flower and a few drops of liquid to turn your drink into a fuchsia-coloured work of art.

And if sparkling water and garnishes don’t quite substitute the grandeur of a cocktail, we’ve got a deliciously easy and refreshing frosé you can whip up at home using SVEDKA Rosé Vodka – the Watermelon Frosé!

<strong>Watermelon Frosé</strong>

Watermelon Frosé

60mL SVEDKA Rosé Vodka
60mL rosé
1/2 cup lime or orange sherbet
1 tbsp fine sugar
2 1/2 cups of ice
8 2.5cm watermelon cubes


1. Blend ingredients with SVEDKA Rosé until smooth.
2. Garnish with a watermelon wedge or slice of lime.
3. Enjoy!

You can buy SVEDKA Rosé Vodka at leading Australian retailers like First Choice Liquor for $49.00 (RRP).

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Feature image supplied by SVEDKA Rosé Vodka and designed by Hunter and Bligh.
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