‘Eat your world better’ thanks to Sydney’s newest meal delivery service, IKU.

Are you a full-time vegan struggling to find tasty and affordable ready-made meals in a city built for carnivores? Or a bacon-enthusiast simply trying to reduce your overall meat consumption and carbon footprint, while upping your veggie intake? No matter what your reasons, they don’t discriminate at IKU – the newest vegan ready-made meal delivery service in Sydney!

Just in time for World Vegan Month and after 35 years of delicious plant-based eats at IKU’s Glebe eatery, Australia’s first ever chef-led, plant-based innovator has switched lanes and is now redirecting its focus to making delicious vegan eats more accessible for Sydneysiders, through its new home meal delivery service.

With over 50 flavourful ready-made meals to choose from and an array of nutrient-focused sets (such as High-Protein and Gut Health), there is plenty on offer to cater to any individual tastes or requirements!

For the long-term fans, there is an extensive selection of IKU favourites from their eateries, such as the Creamy Coconut Laksa ($10.95) and the Spinach and Eggplant Lasagne ($11.50). New, delicious additions include breakfast and dessert options like the Scrambled Tofu and Smokey Tempeh ($10.95), or the Black Rice and Coconut Pudding Cup ($5.50).

Of course, with this exciting new phase brings exciting new talent – with Bondi chef Tom Walton, joining the team as the Head of Food. “Growing up with a big influence from cooking alongside my Lebanese neighbour with a variety of seasonal, fresh food that we grew in the garden, my love for celebrating humble ingredients and turning them into something spectacular runs deep,” he says.

To celebrate World Vegan Month, Tom and the IKU team have created a delectable recipe ready to order: BBQ Cauliflower Skewers – perfect for those wishing to try their hand at recreating a delicious vegan meal at home.

But this passion project isn’t simply about creating tasty vegan dishes. IKU’s mission is fuelled by a love of local ingredients, investment in the support of sustainable farming, and a commitment to eliminate food waste.

And if you’re worried about all the packaging, don’t be! The brand has ensured that all of their packaging is 100 per cent reusable, recyclable or compostable, with the hopes of one day creating a service where customers can return their containers for refilling.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to give it a try, IKU offers a Young Roots grant scheme, allowing schools and community groups the opportunity to participate in acting learning sessions about Australia’s agriculture and the importance of ensuring sustainability in our food ecosystem.

For more information and to order, head to IKU’s website.

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