Can’t decide between a Thai Green Chicken Curry, a Lamb Kofta or a traditional Italian Beef Lasagne? ChefPrep lets you have it all.

Have you ever had those days where all you can think of is a meal made by your favourite restaurant? But, much like the most of Sydneysiders, you can’t decide what to eat?

Well, to help you satisfy your cravings all in one hit, there’s a new ready-made meal delivery service that’s started up in Sydney and well-worth putting on your radar, ChefPrep.

It’s the newest food delivery service and, unlike the standard online food ordering companies out there, ChefPrep is more of a revolutionary meal delivery marketplace. It’s a haven where foodies can order ready-made meals from various Sydney-based restaurants and eateries and have it delivered straight to their door in one simple transaction.

ChefPrep allows users to order premium, frozen, ready-made meals from award-winning restaurants for an affordable price. Did somebody say Lemon Semifreddo from Albi’s Taverna? Or Spinach Parmigiano-Reggiano Tortelli from I Maccheroni? Better yet, users can order meals from multiple restaurant partners within the one order – so you really can have it all!

Just in time for Sydney’s 2021 lockdown, ChefPrep is also supporting the city’s once thriving hospitality industry which has since been crippled from patron restrictions and lockdowns. Businesses in line with ChefPrep allows restaurants to create a more sustainable revenue stream and empower chefs and kitchen staff to continue doing what they do best.

As well as that, with no cooking expertise needed, each meal requires heating or minimal finishing. Each meal has been specially designed to last in the freezer for up to six months and to maintain their taste and quality on reheating.

One of ChefPrep’s founding partners, STIX says, “ChefPrep’s model allows our business to prepare meals at times that are convenient for us rather than in the middle of a busy service period when time  and resources are limited. They also have a much larger geographical reach than we can service ourselves or provide through  other food delivery platforms. This means that we get access to customers that would not otherwise order from or dine at STIX.” 

With eight partnering restaurants and counting, all ready-made ChefPrep meals are delivered in biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and recyclable packaging that is freezer-, oven- and microwave-safe. ChefPrep currently delivers to Sydney Metropolitan, New South Wales’ Central Coast, Newcastle, Blue Mountains and along the Wollongong coast. 

For more information and to order, head to the ChefPrep website.

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Feature image: ChefPrep x STIX. Photographed by Yasmin Mund. Image supplied.