Ever wanted to try a plant-based lifestyle but didn’t know where to start? Let Flave lead the way one meal at a time. 

If you live in Sydney, Melbourne or Canberra, your flexitarian-journey can be made that much simpler thanks to Flave.

Flave is the newest, 100% plant-based meal delivery service that’s flavour-packed, fresh and convenient. And, for the commitment-phobes or picky eaters out there, Flave is 100% customisable and there’s 0% commitment.

Launched by husband and wife founders, Samantha and former Zambrero CEO Stuart Cook; the married duo were lifelong meat-eaters before a terrifying health scare while travelling in Costa Rica changed their lives. Samantha contracted a severe bacterial infection and was airlifted to hospital before doctors ordered her to switch to plant-based eating to recover. Stuart switched too in support, but these two busy professionals struggled to find nutritious, flavoursome, and convenient plant-based meals when they returned to Sydney. Until they met chef Scott Findlay.

Flave’s executive chef, Scot Findlay. Image supplied

Flave’s executive chef, Scott Findlay, trained under Gordon Ramsay before honing his plant-based recipes over a decade working as a private chef to legendary Sir Paul McCartney (a pioneer of the Meatless Mondays Movement) as well as ‘flexitarians’ Rihanna, Beyonce, Madonna, Elton John and many other internationally recognised celebrities. He flat out doesn’t accept that plant-based food should be any less flavourful than meat.

Cooking for Sir Paul McCartney, who ate a 100% plant-based diet, all over the world — often in locations where familiar ingredients weren’t available — I was challenged to get creative on a daily basis,” explains Findlay. “It opened my eyes to an array of incredible herbs, spices, and ingredients and I fell in love with perfecting them using the fine-dining techniques I learnt with Gordon.”

Flave’s expanding menu of fresh, ready-to-heat-and-eat plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner meals are inspired by the chef’s international travels touring with celebrities and include:

  • ‘Jamaican Jerk’ not-so-chicken (perfected on a trip to the Caribbean to discover recipes for Rihanna);
  • ‘The Italian Job’ meat-less balls (first made on a trip to Rome touring with Sir Paul McCartney – this dish became his go-to),
  • ‘Mou-Ssa-Ka’ (a plant-based spin on this Greek favourite, mastered in Athens following a Madonna concert in the city);
  • ‘The Bombay’ Indian curry channelling biryani spices (inspired by London’s little India, Brick Lane, and a favourite recipe of actor Alec Baldwin);
  • ‘Spicy Indo’ Rendang curry (learnt while working on a luxury private island in Indonesia), and many more.

 The best part is that there is a meal plan for everyone. Pick from 7, 10, 15 or 18 meals per box, with your choice of a weekly, fortnightly or monthly delivery schedule – just pause when you need. Easy online ordering also allows you to build your own plant-based menu to suit your taste.

No pressure, just sensational delicious plant-based meals you can feel good about eating!

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