Meet Australia’s first certified, deliciously responsible, compostable coffee pod capsule.

Do you adore your morning coffee from your coffee-extracting pod machine but feel a twinge of guilt every time you have to throw away one of the capsules? You’re not alone, as we’ve definitely felt that way before. However, luckily for us coffee drinkers, we’ve found one of the most sustainable coffee pods in Australia!

Cue Tripod Coffee, an Australian-based company carving the path in sustainability. With about 3 million coffee pods being thrown away each day around the world, Tripod Coffee owners Ed and Steve knew they had to do something to combat this.

These original Nespresso-friendly coffee pods are made from plant-based and Australian certified compostable materials, which means the entire pod can be composted. So, after you’ve enjoyed your delicious morning coffee, you can either place the pod in your local green FOGO bin (if you’re in a participating council) or, alternatively, join Tripod’s Pod-to-Plant returns program, where they’ll compost them for you.

On top of this, Tripod Coffee also donates 1% of their profits to Rainforest Rescue in order to protect Queensland’s Daintree Rainforest – an organisation that strives to restore and maintain our beautiful rainforests through planting trees and purchasing rainforests to protect its wildlife.

Apart from deliciously irresistible coffee, Tripod Coffee also makes it super easy to return your pods, especially for those who do not have an industrial compost system in their neighbourhood. If you’ve selected to join the Pod-to-Plant initiative, you will be supplied with a compostable bag, as well as a return label with your order. Simply send your empty pods back to Sydney and Tripod will compost these to make both organic fertiliser and green electricity.

This closed-loop process is truly sustainable, as the fertiliser is then given to local agricultural businesses, and the electricity is used for the grid. Per month, the Pod-to-Plant program creates over 30-kilograms of fertiliser and produces enough electricity to brew more than 600 coffees. Who knew drinking coffee could be so environmentally sustainable?

Perfect for all types of coffee drinkers, Tripod Coffee currently has seven blends, all at varying strengths and flavours, and also including a decaf option (White Peak). These signature blends range from the extra dark Purple Aviator with flavours of bitter cocoa and hazelnut; to the organic Green Canopy enriched with flavours of ripe plum and mild dark chocolate. If you’re keen to sample Tripod’s flavours, Tripod currently has three popular packs on offer, with six of these blends (Purple Aviator, Blue Swell, Grey Plains, Green Canopy, Gold Sunrise and Red Sunset). With such beautiful packaging, these packs look hard to resist!
<strong>Starter Sample Pack</strong>
Image via Tripod Coffee website

Starter Sample Pack

The Starter Sample Pack ($57.45) contains six of Tripod’s signature blends, with a total of 60 capsules. This is a great option for those new to Tripod’s range and wanting to sample the different flavours and strengths on offer.

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<strong>Family Pack</strong>
Image via Tripod Coffee website

Family Pack

A great option for coffee-loving families is the Family Pack ($199), which contains 240 capsules. There are four boxes of six signature blends, so you can pick and choose what strength you are feeling each morning.

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<strong>Subscription Packs</strong>
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Subscription Packs

If you sign up for Tripod Coffee’s Subscription Pack, you can save 10-15% off on your orders. Choose from the 60 Day Delivery: Favourites Collection, the 60 Day Delivery: Bold Collection, or the Family Pack. Otherwise, you can turn any order into a subscription by selecting “Recurring Order” at the check-out. It’s a great way to save a few dollars on your orders and ensure your household is always caffeinated!

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To learn more about blends and current offers, head to Tripod Coffee’s website for more information.

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Feature image: Photographed by Caitlin Hope. Image supplied.