Life is like a box of Nutella-infused goodies.

Fridays alone are worth celebrating. Especially this Friday, 05 February, because it marks the tastiest of days – World Nutella Day 2021.

That’s right, it honours the day in which the sweetest, smoothest and delightfully irresistible hazelnut spread was created. Originally born from a sweet paste that was designed in 1946 in Piedmont Italy, the Giandujot. This Friday, 57 years on since Nutella’s creation, Australians can celebrate and eat their way through this revolutionary chocolate spread the best way we know how…through a carefully curated box of joy, Dessert Boxes – Australia’s favourite home-delivered online confectionary service.

Filled with an assortment of sweet treats like doughnuts, brownies, confectionary, bottles of your favourite tipple and even personalised Nutella-filled syringes, with Dessert Boxes there’s so much to choose and such little time to consume.

So, to help Aussies celebrate World Nutella Day 2021 right, we’ve tracked down and found the three best Nutella boxes that you can order today!

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<strong>World Nutella Day Box</strong>
Image via Dessert Boxes website.

World Nutella Day Box

You had us at Nutella – and this glory box definitely defines the meaning of true World Nutella Day spirit. Packed to the brim with Nutella-infused goodies, this World Nutella Day dessert lovers will be able to feast on Nutella fairy floss, a Nutella donut, a Nutella scroll and croissant, one Nutella-oozing cookie, two Nutella baklavas, one Nutella rocky road, one Nutella brownie, two Be-Ready Nutella sticks, a Nutella sachet and Nutella Go and, to top it off, a 220g Nutella Jar. Need we say any more?

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<strong>Ultimate Tella</strong>
Image via Dessert Boxes website.

Ultimate Tella

She’s beauty and she’s grace, and she’s here for you to stuff your face. If you do-nut know what all the hype is about, then Dessert Boxes’ Ultimate Tella box will have you figuring it all out, one bite at a time. Filled to the brim with five Nutella donuts, one chocolate donut, one Nutella-inspired fairy floss, one half brownie half cookie, one 200g Nutella jar, one mini Nutella jar and, of course, a giant Nutella-filled syringe for that straight-to-the-mouth sensation.

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<strong>Whole Lotta Tella</strong>
Image via Dessert Boxes website.

Whole Lotta Tella

If you thought that the fun stopped here, you’re in for a tasty treat thanks to Dessert Boxes Whole Lotta Tella. A general all-rounder, this box of goodies includes one brownie, two half brownie half cookies, one Nutella-inspired fairy floss, a 220g Nutella jar, one brownie bar, one chocolate-covered marshmallow pop, one Darrell Lea Rocky Road and a mini Nutella jar for those late-night snacking sessions.

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Looking to treat your tastebuds some more? Then head on over to the kitchen and get your creative juices flowing with this Nutella and Snickers Pavlova Recipe. Or, if you like to go bigger and better, feast your eyes on the world’s largest Nutella-covered doughnut ball. You’re welcome.

Feature image: Images supplied and edited by Hunter and Bligh.
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