These little boxes of joy are the perfect way to shower your loved ones with affection during social-distancing (or any other time for that matter).

We get it. It absolutely sucks not being able to see your friends and family. It can be even worse when those special occasions come around and you’d usually want to gift your favourites with goodies to show you care. We’re talking a squeeze for your mum on Mother’s Day, a pint for your bestie on their birthday, or even a loving treat for your other half to celebrate an anniversary or special date. Sometimes, even if there’s no reason for it, there’s nothing better than making a fuss for someone you love. 

But with shops closed or running limited and delayed delivery, trying to sort out an order to express all your love can feel like a nightmare.

Introducing Dessert Boxes, the ultimate iso-gift which will indulge your friends and family with the utmost in sweet treats. 

Set up by three siblings in Sydney who, bored of sending and receiving tiresome gifts, decided to disrupt the industry with fun, delicious and convenient gift deliveries. Dessert Boxes offer exactly that. With a range of packs to choose from, each is stuffed full of sweet treats to help you share the love.

With same day delivery still available in Sydney and surrounds or chosen day delivery across Australia, these boxes of joy are insanely indulgent. Choose from options including donuts, cookies and brownies; each box is showered with over-the-top goodies and will be guaranteed to include something that they adore – whether they’re next level fanatics for Nutella or cookie crazy. Plus, they also offer gluten-free and vegan options – so there’s no reason they won’t have something for whatever the dietary need. 

Better yet, you can get 10% off your order with the code “donuts2020” at check out on

Our Top Picks:

<strong>The Lil D</strong>
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The Lil D

Simple but still sensational, The Lil D box offers a four pack of doughnuts covered with a smorgasbord of lollies and an insane sugar overdose. Say goodbye to the boring cupcake and welcome this over-the-top sweet treat into your life. 

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<strong>Yeah The Boys</strong>
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Yeah The Boys

Let’s admit it, the men in your life can be ridiculously difficult to buy for. Not falling for simple indulgences like flower bouquets and smelly candles, it’s too easy to dull down their special occasions with gifts of generic aftershave or uninspiring vouchers. Introducing the Yeah The Boys box, set with a pair of beers and a decadent selection of doughnuts, popcorn, chocolates and Nutella. It’s the perfect treat to send to a mate, a son or a boyfriend. 

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<strong>The Giant Homer Donut</strong>
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The Giant Homer Donut

Want to add an extra layer of fun and novelty to your next delicious delivery? Why not send this insanely enormous 20 centimetre doughnut instead? Based on the iconic Simpson’s design, it’s a larger than life treat which is guaranteed to brighten up someone’s day. Forget birthday cakes, this is the hilarious present to make sure they have a birthday to remember.

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