San Churro, Australia’s favourite chocolateria, has launched a Throwback Edition menu, delivering golden sugar-dusted churros alongside your childhood favourites including Nerds, fairy bread and the humble chocolate crackle. 

Better yet, every Thursday you’ll be able to order and indulge in your sugary delight at ‘throwback’ prices ($11 instead of the usual $17)… yes, Thursdays just got a whole lot better.

The Throwback Edition menu – available nationwide in stores (via takeaway) and through delivery partners – will see churro Snack Packs (a sensational pack we didn’t even know existed) filled with mini, traditional fresh-to-order churros sprinkled with iconic Australian 90s confectionary including strawberry and grape Nerds; treasured fairy bread, sprinkles and white chocolate ice cream; or chocolate crackle chunks and milk chocolate ice cream.

 To top it off, all churros Snack Packs are drizzled with a choice of milk, dark or white couverture San Churro chocolate.

 “The ’90s were known for its iconic pop culture and fresh trends – and food was no exception. Dessert time at Aussie backyard parties was synonymous with homemade fairy bread, chocolate crackles and lolly bags,” said San Churro CEO Giro Maurici.

“We’re delighted to turn back time and help you bring home some fun with an exciting menu that will find a special place in many people’s hearts.

As part of the launch, chocolate enthusiasts can expect other exciting twists on signature favourites in the form of four drool-worthy Throwback Hot Chocolates each sprinkled with sweet treats and available for takeaway.

Hot Chocolate varieties include Nerds, Fairy Bread, Chocolate Crackle and Honeycomb Crunch – all topped with whipped cream (*starts downloading our top 10 exercises apps to counteract our new-found addiction*). 

San Churro Fairy Bread, Chocolate Crackle and Nerds Hot Chocolate. Image supplied

San Churro Fairy Bread, Chocolate Crackle and Nerds Hot Chocolate. Image supplied

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Please note: San Churro’s Throwback Thursday pricing ($11 instead of the usual $17) applies to its Throwback Churros Snack Packs and is available in-store for takeaway every Thursday from 30 April until 28 May 2020 between the hours 4–8 PM.