Australia, get ready to relish the taste with the newest limited-edition whisky!

Australia’s award-winning whisky producer, Starward, has brought back their famed limited release, the Ginger Beer Cask.

Following four previous successes, the fifth iteration of Starward’s Ginger Beer Cask delivers even more gingery goodness. It brings the best of Australian craft single malt whisky, matured for 30 months in a ginger beer barrel, which is packed with spicy and sweet ginger flavours.

“What started as an experiment has become a definite favourite in our limited release Project Series,” Starward’s head distiller, Sam Slaney explains.

“Since we bottled the first cask in 2014, it’s proven to be a huge hit year-after-year amongst our whisky supporters, selling out within hours of being released. Therefore, a fifth batch was inevitable.”

On Saturday 16 May (or World Whisky Day to us aficionados!) only 850 individuals will have the opportunity to purchase a bottle of the limited release Starward Ginger Beer Cask Whisky #5. And given the high demand for this limited release, Starward has implemented a ballot system to evenly distribute the limited supply.

Those who go into the ballot registration before Thursday 14 May will have a chance at purchasing one of the 850 bottles available.

Winners of the ballot will be announced on World Whisky Day (Saturday 16 May) and will be awarded the opportunity to purchase one of Starward’s Ginger Beer Cask Whisky #5 bottles.

Tastes, Tones and Temerity

Starward Ginger Beer Cask Single Malt Whisky. Image: Supplied

Starward Ginger Beer Cask Single Malt Whisky. Image: Supplied

Starward’s head distiller Sam Slaney says this renewed bottle is just as gingery as its predecessors.

“For the fifth rendition of this liquid gold,” Sam states, “we took our prized single malt, Starward Solera, and finished it for 30 months in a gingery barrel that previously held fiery ginger beer created by our dear friends at Boatrocker Brewery.

“You will smell orange and dark chocolate on the nose and strong spice, vanilla and fresh pineapple on the palate. [And] Thanks to the maturation process, we have also been able to balance any flavour punches with sweet raisins and fig notes, rounding out a bold, warming mouthfeel with candied ginger, citrus and sweet Apera.”

The Ginger Beer Cask was one of the first limited-editions in Starward Projects; a program that allows Starward’s distillers to experiment with different whiskies to create flavour-forward and unique expressions.

“In years gone by,” adds Starward Founder, David Vitale, “you statistically had more chance of getting into Harvard than getting one of these prized bottles – even I only ever get one.

“We’ve upped our supply of this year’s release and given the growth in popularity of Starward over the past 12 months, we feel continuing with a ballot is the best way to fairly reward our loyal drinkers – so make sure you register.”

Since its inception in 2014, Starward Projects have released several standout whiskies including a knockout Bourbon Cask which sold out in just four hours, as well as the ultra-popular Starward Tawny.

This limited release will be available in a 500mL bottle for RRP $119. Registration for the ballot is available via the Starward website and will close on Thursday 14 May.

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