It’s clear we love Starward Whisky’s Two-Fold Whisky, but now, they’ve given us yet another reason and way to enjoy it. 

This time it’s a spin on our favourite summer sip, the Gin & Tonic. So, without further ado, let us introduce the Two-Fold & Tonic, the Australian whisky concoction we definitely needed.

Whisky, for those who aren’t especially fond, is a tipple that is sometimes steered clear of. For some, perhaps it is too intense, for others, too ‘masculine’ or maybe it’s just too difficult to pair with. But, that’s where Starward’s Two-Fold breaks the traditional whisky mould and is innovatively providing the industry with a bold, fresh and approachable drop for whisky-lovers and novices alike. And mixing it with tonic only makes it that much more accessible.

When asked about the new combination, founder David Vitale says,

‘We [Starward Whisky] are always eager to attract a new generation of drinkers and have tried to break down the stereotypes of whisky. When combining Two-Fold with a premium tonic, the bitterness of the tonic heightens the sweet malt, berry and vanilla notes in Two-Fold that we extract from our grains and Australian red wine barrels. The acidity of quinine also allows for the red fruit essence to shine through. These characteristics make Two-Fold the perfect whisky to merge with tonic, creating an unconventional pairing with an irresistible aroma and approachable flavours for a sensory experience for everyone to enjoy.’

And we think he’s right.

Starward Whisky Two-Fold Whisky, Fever Tree Tonic. The Two-Fold & Tonic cocktail for summer. Photographed by Kate Shanasy. Image supplied.

Starward Whisky Two-Fold Whisky, Fever-Tree Tonic. The Two-Fold & Tonic cocktail for summer. Photographed by Kate Shanasy. Image supplied.

So, how do you make the perfect Whisky and Tonic?
It’s simple! Naturally, as all the best things are.

Starward suggests the following recipe:
• 30ml Two-Fold Double Grain Whisky
• 80-100ml Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water
• A generous serving of ice
• Garnish and serve with a slice of pink grapefruit

How do we rate Starward’s Two-Fold & Tonic?
It’s a winner for us, and not just because we love whisky, but because it’s fresh with an underlining hint of richness, which can be attributed to the splash of red fruit and warm vanilla spice. The hue is a beautiful water-colour barley, and it’s loaded with a tropical kick that screams summer.

For more information on Starward Whisky and the Two-Fold & Tonic head to their website.