Sip your way through Negroni Week 2021 with these three fun ways to participate at home!

If the sound of gin, vermouth, Campari and an orange peel has got you excited, then get ready to stir up your week with some exciting ways to participate and celebrate the renowned Negroni.

Call us old fashioned, but we love nothing more than praising the world’s most-loved cocktails. Negroni Week 2021, kicking off on Monday 13 September and respectively downed by Sunday 19 September, is backed by a recipe of ways to partake. But, if you’re asking yourself ‘how do I participate in Negroni Week 2021 at home’, then we’ve got a mouthful for you.

Thankfully for Australians, we’ve found four exciting ways to participate in Negroni Week 2021 at home. From cheese kits to ready-made Negroni cocktails to enjoy, sit back and sip through the four best ways to celebrate the Negroni!

<strong>Four Pillars Sydney Lab</strong> Bottled Cocktails
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Four Pillars Sydney Lab Bottled Cocktails

We’ve all heard of Four Pillars – it’s the team behind the iconic Bloody Shiraz Gin. But, this Negroni Week 2021, Four Pillars is shaking up their Sydney Lab with some Negroni-inspired Bottled Cocktails. Available exclusively for Sydneysiders only, there are three 500mL Bottled Cocktails to choose from ($60 each) including Eileen’s Negroni; Catalonian Negroni with smoked olive oil and grapefruit; and finally, Nhu-Groni which is a blend of lemongrass and coconut. Plus, for every bottle purchased, Four Pillars will be donating $5 to Scarf Community. Drink good, feel good.

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<strong>Springhill Farm</strong> Negroni Cocktail & Slice Kit
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Springhill Farm Negroni Cocktail & Slice Kit

If you’re after something sweet this Negroni Week 2021, Springhill Farm should be your go-to for a decadent treat. This year, the team has partnered with Melbourne-based Little Lon Distilling Co. to create a Negroni Cocktail & Slice Kit. Intrigued? Well you should be! Turning the tipple into a dessert, Springhill Farm has created a Negroni slice for you to bite into. Delivering Australia-wide, the kit features two of Springhill’s 150g Negroni Boozy Slice’s and a 100mL bottle of Little Lon Distilling Co ready-to-drink Negroni. Just as your tastebuds will be feeling good, so too will your soul as $2 from every pack sold will be donated to Foodbank Victoria.

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<strong>That's Amore Cheese</strong> Cocktail Hour Hamper
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That's Amore Cheese Cocktail Hour Hamper

Who knew that eating and drinking some of your favourite creations could also do good for others too? This Negroni Week 2021, That’s Amore Cheese is doing just that with their limited-edition Cocktail Hour Hamper. Available for delivery across Australia and priced at $85 each, the kit includes a 85mL Old Fashioned or Negroni, two That’s Amore cheeses, pâté, picked onions and pita crisps. On top of that, for every Cocktail Hour Hamper sold, That’s Amore Cheese will be donating $5 to OzHarvest Australia. Now that’s a win-win type of weekend.

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Looking for other ways to celebrate this Negroni Week 2021? Why not try this easy-to-make, non-alcoholic Negroni cocktail recipe? Ready to spice up your next dinner party? Here’s 3 Easy Aperitif Cocktail Recipes to try.

Feature image: Photographed by Matheus Frade. Image via Unsplash.