Spring has sprung with Australia’s best botanical spirits!

As we spring into a new season with warmer days and lighter nights, now is the perfect time to refresh your cocktail creations with a zesty zing from some of Australia’s best botanical blends.

What is a botanical spirit?

These alcoholic spirits are similar to gin but without the juniper-led distillation flavours. They use natural sources like flowers, plants and berries for flavour, while the distillation process can vary from whisky-like heaviness to light gin-style spirits.

A floral mouthful to say the least, our list of the top 10 Australian made botanical spirits for spring 2021 are sure to deliver a blooming sensation after every sip.

<strong>Archie Rose Distilling Co.</strong> Native Botanical Vodka
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Archie Rose Distilling Co. Native Botanical Vodka

When it comes to new and exciting releases, Archie Rose Distilling Co. are the leaders in the space of innovative collaborations. But, if you’re looking for a new staple for your bar, you can’t go wrong with their Native Botanical Vodka. Everything about this drop is Australian made – from the hero botanicals of the native lemon scented gum to the Australian peach and the handpicked chamomile. Distilled in Archie Rose’s custom designed copper pot and hybrid vacuum stills, the Native Botanical Vodka features notes of grapefruit, honey and ripe stone fruit with a fresh elderflower to finish. A must try in 2021!

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<strong>Forty Spotted</strong> Tassie Bush Honey Gin
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Forty Spotted Tassie Bush Honey Gin

With Forty Spotted, we thought of no one better for our list of Australian made botanical spirits for spring 2021. Most notably, the Tassie Bush Honey Gin. Made in Tasmania, this spirit combines silky, locally-sourced bush honey with the warming sensations of rooibos tea. Crafted using natural Australian ingredients, this drop features tastes of juniper, coriander and then finishes with a wave of caramel. Featuring a complex, layered flavour profile, pair this drop with cranberry juice and a drizzle of honey to highlight the aromatics.

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<strong>Giniversity</strong> Botanical Gin
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Giniversity Botanical Gin

Now this is one Australian made botanical spirit not to miss this spring 2021. Giniversity has crafted a herbaceous gin that is individually distilled and infused with a botanical basket of native juniper, sandalwood, boronia, lemon myrtle and eucalyptus. This gin is easily described as an Australian flavour bomb which is the ideal accompaniment to your ice and tonic and best garnished with strawberries and rosemary. Cheers!

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<strong>Kangaroo Island Spirits</strong> O'Gin
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Kangaroo Island Spirits O'Gin

This South Australian based distillery celebrates Australia’s finest native ingredients, using traditional distilling methods to create distinctively unique botanical blends. O’Gin by Kangaroo Island Spirits is a contemporary London gin highlighting the earthy aromas of juniper, coriander and angelica root but with a native addition of the coastal daisy bush, olearia axillaris, which produces a sweet yet piney flavour. The bold notes of this botanical spirit are complemented by fresh citrusy Australian oranges which makes this the only choice for your next negroni.

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<strong>Manly Spirits Co Distillery</strong> Australian Dry Gin
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Manly Spirits Co Distillery Australian Dry Gin

Made in New South Wales, Manly Spirits Co Distillery is one Australian botanical inspired spirit to add to your watchlist this spring 2021. Another contender taking home the gold at the World Gin Awards, their staple Australian Dry Gin is certainly no exception. Produced with 10 botanicals including sea lettuce, finger lime, anise myrtle, mountain pepper leaf and orange peel, this drop delivers a rounded, lingering finish with a bright and fresh citrusy nose.

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<strong>Mt. Uncle Distillery</strong> Botanic Australis Bushfire Smoked Gin
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Mt. Uncle Distillery Botanic Australis Bushfire Smoked Gin

If you like your springtime spritz with more depth, look no further than this Botanic Australis Bushfire Smoked Gin from Mt. Uncle Distillery ($88). This truly one-of-a-kind botanical gin sensationally substitutes the original ingredients of a London dry gin recipe with Australian native botanicals. To give this spirit a tantalising twist, the botanicals are first smoked to uncover a rich, woody flavour which offers your palate an exceptionally unique experience.

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<strong>Seadrift Non-Alcoholic Spirits</strong> Classic
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Seadrift Non-Alcoholic Spirits Classic

Inspired by Australia’s beautiful beaches, the fresh sea air, the simpler times of our childhoods and mindful drinking; award-winning Seadrift Non-Alcoholic Spirits is the brainchild of husband and wife duo from Sydney’s Northern Beaches. With no sugar, low calories, vegan-friendly and most importantly non-alcoholic, this delightful botanical spirit is made with fresh coriander, lime leaves, tarragon and a hint of seaweed. An explosion of refreshing flavours, Seadrift is best served over ice with tonic.

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<strong>Underground Spirits</strong> Signature Gin
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Underground Spirits Signature Gin

This sweet and subtle gluten-free gin is the ultimate unity of classic and modern Australian flavours. Designed to explode your senses, Underground’s Signature Gin combines core botanicals of juniper and coriander with native lemon myrtle, river mint, Tasmanian pepperberry and locally-sourced sustainable basil to deliver the tastebuds a soft citrus floral fragrance. Stir or shake it up in a martini, or mix with ice and tonic to discover the bewitching flavours ready to be explored.

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<strong>Vantage Australia</strong> The Spirit Of A Nation
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Vantage Australia The Spirit Of A Nation

It doesn’t get more quintessentially Australian than this! An original spirit, Vantage Australia elegantly combines the cool citrus of native lemon myrtle, the subtle smoky spice of Tasmanian mountain pepper berries that’s then perfectly complemented by the syrupy smooth sweetness of mandarin oil. This spirit will make you proud to be Australian. Try it neat over ice, with your favourite mixer or use as a base for your preferred cocktail.

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<strong>The West Winds Gin</strong> The Cutlass
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The West Winds Gin The Cutlass

Taking home the gold medal at the World Gin Awards, this award-winning spirit is truly unique championing the kutjera – a native bush tomato handpicked near Alice Springs. The tomato is then transformed at the West Winds distillery with traditional juniper and aromatic cinnamon myrtle to bring you a tantalisingly tasty bright and fruity botanical spirit with a light and lingering peppery finish. Small batch made, serve ice cold and garnish with a slice of green capsicum or half a cherry tomato.

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