Not only does his age make us question our existence, but the how does too.

There’s no denying it, Aussies love cake. It helps us celebrate life’s milestones and it helps us stuff our sorrows. It apparently also helps many wade through the uncertainties of a global pandemic, which is why Sydney entrepreneur and food mogul, Jonny Massaad, has taken over the gifting industry with Cake Mail.

Yes, cake, that’s delivered. Genius. Why didn’t we think of that?

Using Instagram and Facebook to promote same-day contactless cake delivery to 140,000 followers in Sydney, Massad updated Cake Mail’s processes by using the COVID-19 pandemic as a catalyst for growth. In August 2020, he expanded Cake Mail to Melbourne, seeing a clear need for cake-induced happiness during prolonged stage four lockdowns. This saw Cake Mail’s sales grow to $600,000 for the first month of trade, thanks to the contactless nature and the business’ COVID-19 health practices – up 64% on the previous month.

But, the best news was that with steady sales in recent months, Cake Mail was able to employ over 50 new employees that had lost their jobs due to the pandemic.

“I really didn’t expect Cake Mail to take off so quickly in Melbourne. There was a point where I actually didn’t think government restrictions would allow me to launch” as Massaad had to experience six weeks in stage four lockdowns and 14 days of hotel quarantine to build the Melbourne kitchen and train staff.

Cake Mail Ferrero and Nutella range. Image supplied

But what makes Cake Mail oh-so-irresistible? Maybe it’s the Ferrero Fountain, the Insta-famous Nutella Ooze or the Selfie Cake… we’ll let you decide. All we know is they taste unreal, are spectacular chocolatey works of art and it doesn’t hit the pocket too hard when priced at $40 to $99 per package.

For more information on their full range of products, visit Cake Mail’s website or visit the Instagram account @cakemail to keep up with new product launches and new state openings.

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